New Moon in Leo Goddess Reiki Share—August 2013

Tonight’s intention for the Goddess Reiki Share was to claim our personal power in recent decisions we’ve made in our lives, focusing on the belief in the power of our intuition and calmly creating safety and trust in our energy fields.

Group dynamics can be exhilarating at this time and render some amazing brainstorming and common successes. Leo’s powerful and firey energy can bring excitement and forward movement, but also some competitive energy.

Keeping this new moon energy in mind, our focus this month was on a sense of Sacred Commerce. (Though we all know that Reiki goes where it needs to! we held our intentions and trusted that it was all all covered :)

This New Moon Goddess Reiki Share Meetup we focused on releasing competition energy or any energy that is in our field that says we aren’t good enough to be abundant, successful, and graceful while being so.

Sacred Commerce means there is enough for everyone all the time. There is no competition. It’s all a misconception based on social conditioning and false beliefs—that come from our experiences, what we were taught when we were young, and even our lineage that can go back 100s of years.

You are a bright shining star and you can shine just like your sister who is a bright shining star. You are sure to attract different and equal love, business, and life, and equally enjoy abundance.

Tonight we celebrated releasing any energy that keeps us from our higher sense of abundance!

The Reiki Grid was awesome tonight. Everyone brought special crystals, notes, and other things to clear and energize, and added their people, situations, and pets to the Distance Reiki List. It was a special and powerful grid tonight.

I was blessed to also have a friend from Virginia visiting who was able to join us! She is always there in Spirit, but it was perfect that she could be there in the physical this time! Yay Chrissy!

Thank you everyone for coming! I look forward to next month!

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