Card of the Week—Ace of Cups—Peace, Compassion, Love

Ace of CupsThis week continues to vibrate at the fast frequency of last week. Things are moving quickly, projects are coming together, you’re communicating and being pursued via text, eMail, phone, and by chance with information that propels you forward and into new energy of a positive kind.

That being said, Ace of cups brings us some amazing emotional fulfillment and some rather love-filled days to come. Compatible and harmonious friendships are brought together to blast forward in love and joy. This card symbolizes lifetime friendships and true, deep love ties.

If you’ve been leery of love relationships, or simply protective of your heart, now is the time to step forward with confidence into a new relationship. Each relationship is different even though we carry patterns, so no, you won’t have the same experience with a new relationship as you did a previous relationship. This card represents an entrance to intimacy that will blow your socks off.

This week expect to find that person or thing that completes a puzzle that you may not even know you’re putting together. This brings fulfillment that goes beyond what you thought your heart could even reach. There is great healing and love at the end of a long tunnel and the next few days lights a new path for health, love, and commitment, friendship and projects that are considered life-changers. Deep rewarding projects are in your energy field.

The Ace of Cups is about water. It represents all water signs and their watery emotional goodness. Compassion and love reign over any story or misstep. Forgive, let go, love. This week expressing your emotions is important and progressive. Holding back creates blocks that you don’t want to spend the rest of the year overcoming. If someone comes to you this week with emotional information or sadness they would like to convey, your greatest good is to listen with your heart. Turn the analyzer off. This is about emotional support.

Empaths, really pay attention to your energy… Ask yourself, “Is this my energy, or someone else’s?” Because you will be picking up everything around you! Try to stay grounded and not freak out when you get emotionally overwhelmed. This may look like exhaustion just from talking with someone or being in a place with a bunch of other people. Make sure you have enough time to yourself to re-juice.

If you’re creating art right now, use this time to let your emotions rise to the surface. Let it out in your expression. This piece will communicate what words cannot.

A very rewarding week for being emotionally connected. Spiritual growth cannot be sidestepped this week. You’re in it to win it, whether you like it or not.

Your intuition is right on, so believe what you’re seeing and accept that you know your own light. Be gentle with yourself. Notice what you’re thankful for, and spread some of that love!

All this with the power of the 8 of wands at play as well. Fast flying love and compassion, here we come!

PS If you’re in the market for a new home to buy or rent, this week looks good for finding that place, making the decision to move, or a full on move. Don’t forget to sage and clear your new space!

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