August Card of the Month —The Empress

TheEmpressThe Empress shows us this month will be fruitful and from that abundance, even more is accumulating in your energetic field ready to appear physically. This harvest will be the foundation for future growth.

Cultivate and tend to your Soul’s favorite projects. Nurturing those gems will foster their expansion.

The Empress encourages you to focus on healing. Go outside, get good rest, eat fruits and vegetables and drink filtered water! The body wants to heal itself (it naturally strives to survive and create). Help it heal by giving it good things, feeding it positive thoughts, and filling it with Reiki Light.

Our Relationships this month are refreshed with the great nurturing that the Empress brings. You become what you surround yourself with, so make it beautiful!

This could be a wonderful vacation month for you, or the beginning of planning and manifesting that trip to Maui you’ve been dreaming about.

Turn to nature this month and resurrect your inner Empress. Plant in your garden or bring in some new house plants. Be available for others this month. Be part of party planning / group gathering for a long-term teamwork project or share.

This is a good month to go to the Spa, or on a hike, or to a Reiki share with good friends and relax together. Talk about what you’ve accomplished and what you would like to continue manifesting.

Creation of safety and comfort by using your creativity to build and express your love and gratitude. Write! Develop! Produce! More creates more this month! Giving birth to your dreams is what the Empress encourages and inspires. Abundance creates abundance!

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