Card of the Week—8 of Wands—Fast Flow of Forward Movement

8 of rodsThis week, there’s an amazing space and opportunity to Get in your flow. Be ready to hear some good news via call, text, letter, email, or around the way—you’re gonna hear some good tidbits, good fortune, and sweet-to-the-ears messages.

Don’t avoid difficult decisions or conversations this week. It’s time to deal. Energetic momentum to make things happen is upon us. Use this energy to move forward in your life. You are on the right track. You are in your flow.

If you’re wondering about whether or not something’s going to work out, it’s likely that it will, and you’ll get feedback fast. The eight of rods is also telling us that we’re falling fast into a positive situation: love, work, partnership—keep your head up and your ears open… oh, it’s on.

It’s time to act on opportunities that are sitting on the table. If you’ve been thinking about advertising your biz, do it now. If you’ve been putting off a trip to see the fam, do it now. If you’ve been procrastinating in some way…. It’s been on your weekly to-do list for a month and keeps getting pushed to the next week… Do it now! Get things off your plate so that you can move forward.

Manifesting can be very powerful right now. Keep your thoughts positive, create the vision of your dreams, and release the outcome. Let the Universe do her job.

If you’ve been waiting around for an answer or a sign, wait no more. It’s here this week.



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