Card of the Week—The Fool—The Beauty of Starting Fresh

The FoolThe Card of this week is the Fool. There’s something amazing about this specifically with the Card of the Month being Ace of Fire. You are blasting forward with your new endeavors and the Universe is in full support.

Time to do a check in and become aware of synchronicities around you, your dreams and visions! That’s the higher self talking and your Divine intelligence telling you what’s up. Listen to it!

The Fool is all about leaps of faith! Opportunities that are very well unexpected and amazing. No one can tell you what you love more than you. Do what you love. Go after what you dream about! The daydreams that you get lost in… Do something that correlates with them.

The fool is the part of us that is like a child. No fear and no worry! Not scared to jump in the pool! So the power of fierce fire and no fear is pure energy for manifesting through action!

Have you ever heard that saying “Krunk like no one is watching?” That’s what the Fool is all about. You can plan and do what you need to like you’ve never experienced failure or disappointment. This project or new situation that you’re nurturing is…. wait for it… foolproof. So give give give give it all you got. Give it all you got.

There’s a trust in the Universe that you can channel at this time. The pure spirit of adventure is on your side. Even if your endeavor is something you know a lot about, not “starting new” per se, the Fool is about looking at it with new, exciting, playful energy with no fear or negative self speak to hold you back. You can Trust.



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