Card of the Week—6 of Cups—Attachment to the Past and Forgiveness

6 of cupsLetting Go of what No Longer Serves Your Greatest Good—Forgiving

Ah, the 6 of cups. Attachment to the past can look like memories, childhood history, karma, past life relationships, or loved ones who have passed. This card signifies a time of self reflection different than the Hermit. This is the time to really look at, feel into emotional blocks from things that have happened in the past and that are keeping you stuck there.

The 6 of cups shows that forgiveness is necessary in order for you to step out of that old bubble and into your new energy. Often this is about forgiving yourself, grieving a loss of any kind be that a person, a friendship, or a time. And then resolve to let go. Forgiveness is a process that so very often goes in layers. But you can’t forgive unless you start the process.

How to Forgive, It’s a Biggie

Forgiveness is the heart work that we do to experience personal freedom. It awakens us to consciousness and propels us to touch on our own Divine Light and Oneness.

10 Steps to Forgiveness

  1. Acknowledge the energy is there. (A crime has occurred)
  2. Remember what put it there. (What was the crime or transgression that initiated your pain, sadness, anger, or fear?)
  3. Witness it.
  4. Sit with it.
  5. Feel it.
  6. Touch on what you’ve learned from this experience. What did Spirit have in mind for this experience for you?
  7. Intend that the past is now behind you.
  8. Watch that past energy flow down your grounding cord into the center of the earth to be transmuted.
  9. Surround yourself with high-frequency light and bask in it!
  10. Repeat as needed. This is a process!

See it, learn from it, get neutral, let go.


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