November Card of the Month—The Moon—Deep Personal Resolution

The MoonHappy Thanksgiving

I find it really interesting that this is the card that popped out of the deck for November! Toward the end of the month, a lot of families and friends will be gathering for Thanksgiving. Let the group dynamics begin! For that very reason, many choose to make this festive time of the year strictly for small groups of compassionate friends— instead of walking right into explosive and high-intensity gatherings.

Stemming from when we were young, we’re set into a specific role in our family by our family: What’s your role? Princess, Whiner, Whistle Blower, Caretaker, Scapegoat, The Smart One, Know-it-all, The one who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves, the one who cares about everyone else and never themselves?

Commonly, we subconsciously bring that role with us into all avenues of our lives. We can see the patterns of our role when we interact at work, or with a group of friends, at school, on teams—really anywhere we must interact in a group situation for an extended period of time.

Some of us are fine with our role. Some of us, not so much.

Those who don’t want to commit to their childhood role can spend a good portion of their lives healing from the labels given to them once they realize that the role never really suited them. The Moon card can bring out this role that was never you. It may even take pride in it. The lessons of The Moon card show us the contrasts that we came here as souls to learn about. (Thank you, higher self/pre-birth planning soul…)

Once you connect with this healing and start that healing journey around your label, the next step usually touches on a need for others in this dynamic to understand and accept your new role as the Real You.

Not so fast, trucker.

The emotional healing process is a personal one. It has to do with your time frame, relativity, and personal power. Not everyone is going to be on the same page, wavelength, or freeway. And that brings you to the inner peace that must develop in order to move forward in your emotional healing for yourself, by yourself. When you’re resolving issues at your own speed and very possibly as a one-man-band,  you’ll be ahead and behind others in their process.

This month is about acceptance, sitting with uncertainty, not knowing, or the practice of resolving issues concerning others on an internal basis when you can’t resolve them in relationship. Giving yourself and others the space and the freedom to be in process. That is what the moon encourages us to look at this month. Perfect timing.

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