Card of the Week—Knight of Cups + The Moon = Drama

knight of cupsThis Knight could carry you away, sweep you off your feet, and get you pregnant in 5 seconds.

Since we’re working with The Moon energy this month, it’s a good bet to keep your wits about you and take it s l o w. This could also be a charmer that is a shoulder to cry on after some intense family interactions. This could be someone you knew from the past that you will be in touch with for the holidays.

Normally this card would indicate some fantastic connections, heartfelt hugs, and romantic rendezvous, but with the moon in our midst, it’s important to keep it cool, Honeybunny. Though he’s quite attentive right now, and reminds you of Robin Hood (in the good way), this person could be a bit flakey in the long run, or this could signify some bittersweet codependency.

This might even be a one-night-stand if you’re not careful—even if it seems really awesome at the time. There are some emotional loose ends that aren’t playing out this week. This could also be a case of projecting the perfect person onto another who looks like they would fit the role you’ve been manifesting.

To make sure this is the real deal, hold your ground and try to stay strong in your senses. Don’t drink a little too much or get caught up in the way things used to be or fall prey to daydreams of your future. Staying present and being an observer is a good way to go right now.

If this is not a person in your life, but a new experience or opportunity, it has some of the same characteristics, so some realism is needed to make any final decisions. Make those decisions with a clear head!

This card also can signify that it’s time to do some self care rather than be there for others so much. Being there for others is not a bad thing—but it may be time to turn that nurturing inward and figure out what’s tripping your emotional buttons right now before you make any long-term commitments.



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