Card of the Week—3 of Pentacles Reversed + The Moon = Issues Not Confronted

3 of pentacles ReversedEmotions are bubbling and you need to deal with them before you freak out at work.

Three of Pentacles Reversed and The Moon

When Issues remain underground, functioning successfully is going to have some twigs in the spokes. The 3 of pentacles can bring attention to work or school, which indicates that these issues that you’re keeping under wraps are affecting your workplace, studyplace, or volunteerplace.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on your emotional needs, or needs at all for that matter, when you’re in a place where expectations are somewhat formatted. But it’s time to honor yourself and your feelings and figure out what you need to be performing at your full potential in whatever space you’re in.

Eat when you need to, have things around you that inspire you when you see them, take a break when you’re feeling anxious or spent.

Grounding out energy in the workplace and really filling your own space with your own energy can help dilute frustration. It can also clear out any doubts in yourself and your dreams or plans for your future in regards to purpose and life’s work. This is a time when dealing with situations head-on is important.

Passive Aggressive reactions are really not going to help you right now. You’ve got to be proactive and honest. Continuing to let an undercurrent of yuck flow, or trying to ignore or compartmentalize what’s going on is going to blow up in your face.

So put some boots on and get ready to get in the mud. (You know that lotuses come from the mud, right?)

Dealing with situations that aren’t easy is part of your commitment to your projects and plans. If it’s not that important, questioning your choices is a way to get to the bottom of what you really want. On the other hand, if this is what you really want and you’re still holding back from dealing with people/situations/setbacks, why are you self-sabotaging?

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