Card of the Week—King of Cups Reversed + The Moon = More Drama!

Reversed King of Cups and The MoonGet ready for some unexpected events to occur that may knock you around a bit emotionally, in an irritated fashion…

King of Cups Reversed and The Moon

If you can take a step back out of that physical layer of awareness, take a deep breath, and notice how the Universe is responding to you, instead of you responding to the Universe… You will get out of this without too many scratches!

When things don’t go your way or not as expected, it’s time to go with the flow and see how creative you can be to come up with a Plan B. In the long run, Plan B may be the best plan, it’s just irksome to get that message by having to come up with it when you think you already have everything under control. Oh, HA! Jokes on you! Tell the Universe you have a plan, right? And She laughs at you :)

It’s always good to have the plan. It’s wise, though, to trust the Universe—and when things get crazy, know there’s a better game plan, even if you don’t see it yet.

This is also a time where forgiving may be necessary even if you aren’t the one being forgiven. A seeing the bigger picture on your part, the expansion of your own rhythms, can relieve you from drama taken to an obscene level with no chance of resolution anyway… Understanding of your Family of Friends, Family of Origin, and the patterns in your personal lineage can be quite an epiphany for you at this time.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was right or just. It means that you’ve had enough and you’re ready to move on. Ready to let it go so that it doesn’t weigh you and your personal healing down any longer. The more you know about your patterns and why you react to what it is that drives you to the end of the pier, the more you can let it go.

It’s when we aren’t aware that issues fester and fight to come to the surface. “Let me out!!!!” The relief of this doesn’t have to be so loud. It can be a silent exhale.



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