Manifesting with Reiki—November Goddess Reiki Share

Manifest with Reiki Goddess Reiki ShareAn amazing night of healers, psychics, and manifestors manifesting with Reiki!

Thank you to all who came to heal, heal each other, and bring more light into the world. The circle always forms perfectly, and perfect it was. I brought pyrite to engage some of our manifesting energy to add to the Reiki Crystal Grid, and the last to arrive brought some too without knowing—it was a true Pyrite Night! I love it when we’re psychic and we don’t even know it. ;)

The Reiki crystal grid was strong last night and everyone had amazing insight and beautiful crystals to add before we started working on each other. One of our practitioners is on the Board for LifeSpark and let us all know that they are beginning to work with Oncologists who are doing studies about the affects of Reiki and Cancer patients. We are all thrilled that Reiki is becoming more and more familiar to the public and we look forward to hearing about the evolution of these studies.

After meeting in the circle, sharing, and talking about experiences and techniques for manifesting with Reiki, we raised the Manifesting with Reiki-pyrite night!Reiki energy around us, filled our space with healing warmth and began our practice of channeling the energy through us.

When you give Reiki, you receive Reiki. It’s not a one-way street! So it was no surprise that after a few treatments, the room was buzzing with some crazy high frequency. With this high frequency comes the opportunity to really open up consciously to seeing, hearing, and feeling the energies around us. The connections made tonight were clear and perfectly carried out. I am always honored that this circle is safe and everyone can be free with what we see and feel. The conscious awareness that opens to the healing of energy is the lost connection that we’re all remembering.

As always, the space at the Blue Barn is amazing as well as angel-filled and faerie-swarmed. A beautiful night.

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2 Responses to Manifesting with Reiki—November Goddess Reiki Share

  1. I felt the long distance Reiki thank you.

  2. Megom says:

    I’m so glad, Denise! The Distance Reiki list is a big part of our Goddess Reiki Share and we all add to it every month. <3 We are honored to send healing energy to you.