Card of the Week—6 of Wands—Victory Card! (And The Moon)

Victory card!The final card of the week, the Victory card, and The Moon (Card of the Month)

That emotional and subcutaneous consciousness that, in the end, has worked in favor of all of our hopes and plans! The Six of Wands is the Victory card and with it comes the energy of support and acknowledgement.

Getting through some tough issues deserves cake.

If your projects are heart-felt and have to do with personal evolution, processing, forgiving, and letting go of some ancient history-type scenarios, you are winning. Victory is yours and you get a big gold star!

This is also a time to be supportive of others who have been focusing on forgiveness or having a good time with releasing some old, worn out thought patterns. Giving others the space to be in process is a gift not just for them, but for you.

In relationship, the six of wands signifies that partners are aware of your values, issues, and concerns and are in a place to be responsive and receptive to your needs. With The Moon at its side, this could be a long time coming… and that time is finally here. Whew. You are appreciated.

This card combo is also about healing others because you have healed yourself. Whether you have forgiven someone on your own, or both parties were able to come together and hug it out, healing that has occurred affects the energy of those around you and they will match you more so than not. Well done.

Celebrating with others can help reestablish relationships that were estranged or somehow fell off the mark for a while. You can feel good about being a supportive friend and having that reciprocated. Keep your intentions high and frequencies higher to maintain this good conclusion. A very solid way to move forward and ahead during the holidays.





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