Padmes Card of the Month—Ace of Wands Powerfully Creative New Beginnings

Each month I pull a card representing the month ahead—We welcome Spring this month with the perfect New Beginnings card! The Ace of Wands is Padmes Card of the Month!

Padmes Card of the MonthMarch is pure permission to follow the path to what you want. What is your pot of gold? What are you doing each and every day to move closer to it?

Whether you’ve been on a long journey or are just wrapping one up (or if it just feels that way, thanks Mercury Retrograde, and goodbye!), the Ace of Wands offers new insight, new innovations, and new hope. This card indicates alignment with your true passions and the drive to move forward with them. Fire wants to come through you in a new way. Nothing can stop Spirit expressing through you, but you! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Truth and direction wield decisions through Divine guidance. Fire energy from the wands is pulled into the physical to inhabit, incubate, and explode creativity into every part of your life… if you let it!

The Ace of Wands energy is true inspiration and full-on Universal support coming from within and reaching outward into the world. If you can think it, you can do it. It’s the perfect time to engage in new activities, workout regimens, and eating habits. It shows the strength of what you are capable of… You can heal yourself with every ounce of your energetic being!

This energy is pure permission to follow your creative thoughts and feelings of intuition. Your desires and thoughts and dreams grow toward you by accomplishing goals and celebrating successes along the way. It is not the time for negativity. Bringing everyone down around you will get you cast out of the faerie circle but quick. It’s also not the time to throw in the towel. No sniveling! Get going!

Career looks ridiculously fruitful if you’re working on your own terms. This can be with a group or for yourself, but the trick here has to do with managing your projects how you want them to be managed. You’re at your best this month when you do things your way!

The intense feelings of starting something new or picking up and continuing a project that you’ve put down are right on. Moving homes, having a baby, starting a new job, renewing a relationship: this card indicates a turning point in your life that is filled with adventure. You must not wait for all this to fall in your lap, however. You need to take action—Leap on the boat! Jump in the pool! Grab on with both hands! Act upon your vision of hope.

March Affirmation: “I am in alignment to and express willingly the creative fire that moves my spirit.”

October Card of the Month—Ace of Wands

Ace of WandsSometimes you don’t know you’re sitting in the dark until you see the light.—CM

Alignment of Action with Vision
The Ace of Fire is the card of purpose: Move toward your destiny. When you act out your truth, that is when your Divine light works through you.

You’re standing right where you need to be! You’re in the right place at the right time. Success in opportunity is yours! And if you’ve got career on your mind, it’s time to make some decisions and seize the day! A spark in you is ready to become a flame. Expansion in your life is abounding. Creative offers are to be taken at this time. If you’re starting something new, go for it with all you’ve got. NO procrastination, dilly dallying, or time-consuming analysis (the opposite of last month)! Jump in the pool!

Be prepared: you may be “ahead of your time” with this, so you’ll possibly have to wait for othes to catch up—but moving forward is important at this time! So keep it movin’, Boo Boo.

Grounding this energy is what brings projects, ideas, decisions, and opportunities into fruition. The foundation has secured itself, now ACTION is required to bring about the blossoms! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to ground. This creative energy is powerful and can take you for a ride if you lose your steady connection with the earth. Use that grounding cord.

This card’s message tells us to proceed with what truly inspires and creates passion within us. This energy is lasting and helps lead us in the right direction for victory. Doing things your way right now is important. If you’re looking for employment at this time, it is important that you are honest with yourself about the contentment factor regarding all this project or position entails. Settling right now will not work out in the long run.

If you’re working on strengthening your health, losing weight, training for a marathon: this month is the perfect time to recommit to your goals. The Ace of Wands is your personal trainer! It lights up that glow in your heart and magnifies it 100 times!

It’s important to focus on projects, people, places and adventures that are exciting to you right now. Following this feeling creates joy and lasting momentum. This powerful drive can ignite your life into a whole new dynamic. One that will be more appealing than the one you’re about to leave in the dust.

It’s time to get over what holds you back. Step through it and leave it behind you. All things remaining the same in your life right now just will not do.

Card of the Week—Ace of Cups—Peace, Compassion, Love

Ace of CupsThis week continues to vibrate at the fast frequency of last week. Things are moving quickly, projects are coming together, you’re communicating and being pursued via text, eMail, phone, and by chance with information that propels you forward and into new energy of a positive kind.

That being said, Ace of cups brings us some amazing emotional fulfillment and some rather love-filled days to come. Compatible and harmonious friendships are brought together to blast forward in love and joy. This card symbolizes lifetime friendships and true, deep love ties.

If you’ve been leery of love relationships, or simply protective of your heart, now is the time to step forward with confidence into a new relationship. Each relationship is different even though we carry patterns, so no, you won’t have the same experience with a new relationship as you did a previous relationship. This card represents an entrance to intimacy that will blow your socks off.

This week expect to find that person or thing that completes a puzzle that you may not even know you’re putting together. This brings fulfillment that goes beyond what you thought your heart could even reach. There is great healing and love at the end of a long tunnel and the next few days lights a new path for health, love, and commitment, friendship and projects that are considered life-changers. Deep rewarding projects are in your energy field.

The Ace of Cups is about water. It represents all water signs and their watery emotional goodness. Compassion and love reign over any story or misstep. Forgive, let go, love. This week expressing your emotions is important and progressive. Holding back creates blocks that you don’t want to spend the rest of the year overcoming. If someone comes to you this week with emotional information or sadness they would like to convey, your greatest good is to listen with your heart. Turn the analyzer off. This is about emotional support.

Empaths, really pay attention to your energy… Ask yourself, “Is this my energy, or someone else’s?” Because you will be picking up everything around you! Try to stay grounded and not freak out when you get emotionally overwhelmed. This may look like exhaustion just from talking with someone or being in a place with a bunch of other people. Make sure you have enough time to yourself to re-juice.

If you’re creating art right now, use this time to let your emotions rise to the surface. Let it out in your expression. This piece will communicate what words cannot.

A very rewarding week for being emotionally connected. Spiritual growth cannot be sidestepped this week. You’re in it to win it, whether you like it or not.

Your intuition is right on, so believe what you’re seeing and accept that you know your own light. Be gentle with yourself. Notice what you’re thankful for, and spread some of that love!

All this with the power of the 8 of wands at play as well. Fast flying love and compassion, here we come!

PS If you’re in the market for a new home to buy or rent, this week looks good for finding that place, making the decision to move, or a full on move. Don’t forget to sage and clear your new space!

Card of the Week—2 of Cups—Come Together

2 of cupsThe Kindred Spirits are voicing their presence at this time. Conflicts take a back seat or even dissolve and forgiveness steps forward. Friends and lovers will influence your decisions this week, and it is a blessing as you can trust their offerings.

If you were considering the end of a relationship, friend or beloved, now isn’t the time to cut that cord. Positive resolution is in the ethers. You can call upon this knowledge and regain faith in this union. It is very possible to come together in values and commonality this week!

Spending time with friends this week will balance any overly hermit energy you’ve been experiencing and leads to some eventful brain storming! Remember, like attracts like. Manifesting your Soul’s desire and speaking your truth to a trusted friend can move this energy forward.

Note: Now is a time to be gentle with yourself. Healing comes through letting go of judgement at this time.

SP: Now is a perfect time to practice reflective listening and let down your guard. Letting your partner know what you need and letting your partner express their needs can happen more easily than usual this week. You can both hear each other.



7 of Swords

Something sneaky is going on. This card indicates that tricks are at play. Someone is trying to deceive the seeker in some way. If all of the surrounding cards are positive, it can mean that the seeker is being paranoid and is dealing with personal trust issues. This may come in as a feeling that the seeker is always having to look over their shoulder—Otherwise, he’s right. Someone is taking advantage and possibly physically stealing from the seeker. Paired with the 5 of Swords, it isn’t pretty. It can indicate theft or infidelity. With the Lovers reversed, sexual abuse.

A triumph over infidelity, theft, or deception. Amends are attempted and it’s up to the seeker to accept and forgive if he is ready.