April 2014 Card of the Month — 3 of Coins! Bring in the Team!

Padmes Card of the Month 3 of EarthEach month I pull a card representing the month ahead—The Three of Coins holds the energy of beginnings touched by grace! It’s also all about being in touch with how you include yourself and how you accept others…In other words…Tribe Trust…

Speaking your truth no matter where you are, at home in your sanctuary or in a work environment, this is the key to success this month. It’s not only important for your voice, it’s important in the successful functioning of the tribe.

There’s a misconception that being “professional” means that you can’t get your needs met, whether you need a day off or just a coffee break. Well this month is all about releasing that false belief. Your needs as a body must always come first. This means that others’ body needs come first too. Embracing this nurturing way of living is an important aspect to heart-conscious living. Sometimes this false belief comes from our family-of-origin-dynamics… It’s time to recognize that your needs are acceptable, appreciated, and understood.

Embrace Assistance • Allow Receiving • Heal

Another aspect to the 3 of Earth is the importance of teamwork. The village needs everyone! You and your neighbors and friends. The idea that we can go it alone is not in the cards this month. Not only is it about asking for what you need and accepting the help, it’s about callin in the big dogs—pulling in the tribe and acknowledging who your tribe is. Your family from anotha mutha? This is your non-family of origin family. This family is a huge part of your life and evolution as a soul.

We choose these special beings because they understand us in our adult lives often in a way that is needed because the family dynamics we grew up with did not offer this type of support. This is your healing tribe. Know them and be there for them. Allow teamwork into your life. You don’t have to do it all. You can be part of the village. In fact, living in sync with the village can bring amazing joy if you allow it! More can be accomplished in your tribe than you could accomplish on your own at this time.

Padmes April Angel Card ReadingAngel Messages

After studying with Doreen Virtue in March at the I Can Do It Hay House Conference in her Angel Card Certification course, I was guided to ask Archangel Michael for a message for this month in addition to the Card of the Month and he didn’t disappoint! In fact, 2 cards flew from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael deck: Let Go of Fear Now, and Make a Commitment. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does!

With the Card of the month, 3 of coins, about teamwork, it’s time to let go of old thinking that has to do with not being able to trust others to “do it the right way.” In fact, allowing others’ input and their ways of doing things is going to be the best path for you this month, even if you’re usually an, “I have to do it myself in order to get it done right” kind of person!

If you’ve been procrastinating on a decision that involves others, it’s time to take the plunge. Fear may not only be keeping you from coming closer to the completion of an amazing goal, it’s also keeping you from community of which you may have neglected to realize the importance! Let it go and Jump in the pool! Commit! You are surrounded by support. The angels and the Universe have your back in this decision and its outcome.

April Affirmation: I trust those who I’ve chosen as my family of friends. I can count on my community and I add value to my village.



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