Padmes Card of the Week — Page of Swords —Plan Plan Plan

Padmes Card of the week Page of SwordsThe Page of Swords in relation to the card of the month, the 7 of Wands, tells us it’s time for some deep investigation.

What are your beliefs and why? Do you act on an old belief system that may have worked for your ancestors, but does not work for you? Are you carrying around a lineage of limitation? It’s time to let go of false beliefs—beliefs that are not truly yours. Limiting false beliefs can halt a whole life into a box. Why let that happen when the Universe supplies such limitless opportunities?

The Page of Swords tells us to research the bajeebas out of anything we’re planning to take action on. This week is not a time for getting the deal done. Rather it’s a time to look into what we’re wanting to change, move, or build, even if we feel strongly about knowing it all, and then look into it some more. Get the whole picture. You may think you have it, but there’s more lurking and you haven’t seen it yet.

Padmes January Card of the MonthThis week is about reevaluating your game plan.

Acquire more information before taking action of any kind. Don’t think of it as a delay so much, but as time well spent gathering tidbits that will ultimately save the day.

Being careful with your words, not making any commitments just yet, and keeping emotions at bay are the way to go. Just listen. No matter how much you want to swing that sword, don’t! Not yet. This week is prep week.

Be willing to hear what others are offering—and it might not be what you want. Before letting the cat out of the bag, figuring out what it is that would work best for you in the long run is important here. Sleep on it so that you can get your creative intentions flowing and really feel into what you desire long term. Reacting right now would be raining on your parade later.

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