Padmes Card of the Week — 4 of Swords — Head to the Spa

Padmes Card of the Week 4 of swordsThis week’s energy represents the 4 of Swords with the card of the Month’s energy, the 7 of wands.

It’s time to do a little meditating on a particular challenge or quandary that is keeping you from action. The 4 of swords is also a signal to rejuvenate. Ok, and if you want to know, this is my SPA card. It’s the card that tells me it’s time for a massage, pedicure, eucalyptus steam room, and anti-aging facial. Especially with the 7 of wands all about self care….

Relaxing and giving yourself the space to rest and recharge is important when it comes to making decisions and life choices. Under stress and with anxiety stuck in your heart chakra, you’re not going to be able to see the magical forest from the trees. Time to switch gears and give yourself permission to check in to the day spa for a few hours. If you can go on a vacation, even better.

The 4 of swords is an indicator that any choices worth making are not going to be fly-by-the-seat-of-your-fancy-pants decisions. You can take some time to feel this out. You don’t have to be pressured to set that thing in stone just yet. Sleep on it. Meditate on it. Manicure on it. Yoga on it.

Padmes January Card of the MonthBecause of all the releasing that’s been going on lately, there’s also a strong pull for incubation. This has to do with you just giving yourself a break in order to let your body integrate all this new space and higher frequencies it has been acquiring. Let your body do some recuperating and get some good rest. There’s a need for resetting energetically and physically.

This week is not the time to do tons of socializing, talking on the phone for hours, making deals happen, or going on shopping expeditions. And it’s also not the week to do a ton of emotional processing. The processing that needs to happen is coming from a calm heart space. Take a deep breath and pour a bunch of Lavender salt in your bath.


Padmes Card of the Week — 8 of Cups — Time to move on!

Padmes Card of the Week 8 of cupsThis week we have the energy of both the 8 of Cups and the Card of the Month, 7 of Wands.

All of that releasing and letting go for the New Moon on the first in Capricorn is coming through in a big way. This week confirms feelings and insights that you’ve been getting for a while now. You can trust your intuition and honor your desires by letting go of anything that doesn’t support your newly-juiced intentions!

This week is not a time to sit back and be content with only counting your blessings. It’s a week for discernment and kick-starting. Moving on and forward is the idea here! This week is for being grateful that you can release things in your life that are not propelling you in the direction that you truly want to blast toward!

Padmes January Card of the MonthActually taking your energy away from that something holding you back is what the 8 of Cups represents. Often it’s been a long time coming and you’ve known for a while that this person, situation, habit, relationship has been a train wreck and doesn’t seem to be flowing or fixing itself… Staying with this energy instead of leaving it in the dust will, almost like negative magnets being forced together, keep you from your truth and flow.

This is all about emotional attachment that has kept you here with this situation. No matter how strong the cling, the Universe is on your side! You have permission. You can do it! Release it and walk forward away from it. Any fear that keeps you stuck is simply that: fear. When you walk away and let go of that attachment, you’ll find yourself empowered.

This is a time when you’re being called to something higher and you must heed that call. This is your greatest self that is speaking to you. Listen!


Card of the Week—6 of Wands—Victory Card! (And The Moon)

Victory card!The final card of the week, the Victory card, and The Moon (Card of the Month)

That emotional and subcutaneous consciousness that, in the end, has worked in favor of all of our hopes and plans! The Six of Wands is the Victory card and with it comes the energy of support and acknowledgement.

Getting through some tough issues deserves cake.

If your projects are heart-felt and have to do with personal evolution, processing, forgiving, and letting go of some ancient history-type scenarios, you are winning. Victory is yours and you get a big gold star!

This is also a time to be supportive of others who have been focusing on forgiveness or having a good time with releasing some old, worn out thought patterns. Giving others the space to be in process is a gift not just for them, but for you.

In relationship, the six of wands signifies that partners are aware of your values, issues, and concerns and are in a place to be responsive and receptive to your needs. With The Moon at its side, this could be a long time coming… and that time is finally here. Whew. You are appreciated.

This card combo is also about healing others because you have healed yourself. Whether you have forgiven someone on your own, or both parties were able to come together and hug it out, healing that has occurred affects the energy of those around you and they will match you more so than not. Well done.

Celebrating with others can help reestablish relationships that were estranged or somehow fell off the mark for a while. You can feel good about being a supportive friend and having that reciprocated. Keep your intentions high and frequencies higher to maintain this good conclusion. A very solid way to move forward and ahead during the holidays.





Card of the Week—King of Cups Reversed + The Moon = More Drama!

Reversed King of Cups and The MoonGet ready for some unexpected events to occur that may knock you around a bit emotionally, in an irritated fashion…

King of Cups Reversed and The Moon

If you can take a step back out of that physical layer of awareness, take a deep breath, and notice how the Universe is responding to you, instead of you responding to the Universe… You will get out of this without too many scratches!

When things don’t go your way or not as expected, it’s time to go with the flow and see how creative you can be to come up with a Plan B. In the long run, Plan B may be the best plan, it’s just irksome to get that message by having to come up with it when you think you already have everything under control. Oh, HA! Jokes on you! Tell the Universe you have a plan, right? And She laughs at you :)

It’s always good to have the plan. It’s wise, though, to trust the Universe—and when things get crazy, know there’s a better game plan, even if you don’t see it yet.

This is also a time where forgiving may be necessary even if you aren’t the one being forgiven. A seeing the bigger picture on your part, the expansion of your own rhythms, can relieve you from drama taken to an obscene level with no chance of resolution anyway… Understanding of your Family of Friends, Family of Origin, and the patterns in your personal lineage can be quite an epiphany for you at this time.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was right or just. It means that you’ve had enough and you’re ready to move on. Ready to let it go so that it doesn’t weigh you and your personal healing down any longer. The more you know about your patterns and why you react to what it is that drives you to the end of the pier, the more you can let it go.

It’s when we aren’t aware that issues fester and fight to come to the surface. “Let me out!!!!” The relief of this doesn’t have to be so loud. It can be a silent exhale.



Card of the Week—3 of Pentacles Reversed + The Moon = Issues Not Confronted

3 of pentacles ReversedEmotions are bubbling and you need to deal with them before you freak out at work.

Three of Pentacles Reversed and The Moon

When Issues remain underground, functioning successfully is going to have some twigs in the spokes. The 3 of pentacles can bring attention to work or school, which indicates that these issues that you’re keeping under wraps are affecting your workplace, studyplace, or volunteerplace.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on your emotional needs, or needs at all for that matter, when you’re in a place where expectations are somewhat formatted. But it’s time to honor yourself and your feelings and figure out what you need to be performing at your full potential in whatever space you’re in.

Eat when you need to, have things around you that inspire you when you see them, take a break when you’re feeling anxious or spent.

Grounding out energy in the workplace and really filling your own space with your own energy can help dilute frustration. It can also clear out any doubts in yourself and your dreams or plans for your future in regards to purpose and life’s work. This is a time when dealing with situations head-on is important.

Passive Aggressive reactions are really not going to help you right now. You’ve got to be proactive and honest. Continuing to let an undercurrent of yuck flow, or trying to ignore or compartmentalize what’s going on is going to blow up in your face.

So put some boots on and get ready to get in the mud. (You know that lotuses come from the mud, right?)

Dealing with situations that aren’t easy is part of your commitment to your projects and plans. If it’s not that important, questioning your choices is a way to get to the bottom of what you really want. On the other hand, if this is what you really want and you’re still holding back from dealing with people/situations/setbacks, why are you self-sabotaging?