Card of the Week—Knight of Cups + The Moon = Drama

knight of cupsThis Knight could carry you away, sweep you off your feet, and get you pregnant in 5 seconds.

Since we’re working with The Moon energy this month, it’s a good bet to keep your wits about you and take it s l o w. This could also be a charmer that is a shoulder to cry on after some intense family interactions. This could be someone you knew from the past that you will be in touch with for the holidays.

Normally this card would indicate some fantastic connections, heartfelt hugs, and romantic rendezvous, but with the moon in our midst, it’s important to keep it cool, Honeybunny. Though he’s quite attentive right now, and reminds you of Robin Hood (in the good way), this person could be a bit flakey in the long run, or this could signify some bittersweet codependency.

This might even be a one-night-stand if you’re not careful—even if it seems really awesome at the time. There are some emotional loose ends that aren’t playing out this week. This could also be a case of projecting the perfect person onto another who looks like they would fit the role you’ve been manifesting.

To make sure this is the real deal, hold your ground and try to stay strong in your senses. Don’t drink a little too much or get caught up in the way things used to be or fall prey to daydreams of your future. Staying present and being an observer is a good way to go right now.

If this is not a person in your life, but a new experience or opportunity, it has some of the same characteristics, so some realism is needed to make any final decisions. Make those decisions with a clear head!

This card also can signify that it’s time to do some self care rather than be there for others so much. Being there for others is not a bad thing—but it may be time to turn that nurturing inward and figure out what’s tripping your emotional buttons right now before you make any long-term commitments.



Card of the Week—7 of Swords—Don’t Show All Your Cards

7 of SwordsTalk about a Mercury Retrograde card! Even with all these new endeavors going on this month: support from the Universe, letting go, and total trust in yourself and your success, let’s take a look at respect for past lessons. Just because there’s a lot on your side doesn’t mean you can throw what you’ve learned in the world out the window. Be cautions of things in your past that you consider definite lessons or hardships that you’ve learned from.

I’m talking about lessons that make you say, “Woa. I won’t do that again.” Lessons that bring to the light things that you’ll never misplace, misuse, or take for granted again. This card can be about hard lessons in betrayal. Even though experiencing betrayal brings some of the worst feelings, it brings with it a self reflection that gives you the opportunity to truly decide how you respond vs. how you react. It give you the freedom to change your frequency.

You Now Know the Difference Between Trusting and Just Being Naive

Because of the moving forward and positive cards this month, feelings of mistrust or paranoia are opportunities to remember past lessons where we were possibly not as present as we could have been. But now we have new trust for ourselves. Been there, done that, won’t do it again.

No one’s pulling the wool over your eyes, buddy. As a result of these times, we’re ready to easily swim through this current and stand in our own power. We’re able to hold our space even in uneasy waters and not get shaky. Nice work.

This is also a time to count on your higher self—your higher surroundings. Gain strength connecting with the understanding that Spirit is infinite and that the reality of the body is limitation. We’re just playing here. Pulling in some amusement about life and remembering those A-Ha moments can put it all into perspective.


Card of the Week—The Fool—The Beauty of Starting Fresh

The FoolThe Card of this week is the Fool. There’s something amazing about this specifically with the Card of the Month being Ace of Fire. You are blasting forward with your new endeavors and the Universe is in full support.

Time to do a check in and become aware of synchronicities around you, your dreams and visions! That’s the higher self talking and your Divine intelligence telling you what’s up. Listen to it!

The Fool is all about leaps of faith! Opportunities that are very well unexpected and amazing. No one can tell you what you love more than you. Do what you love. Go after what you dream about! The daydreams that you get lost in… Do something that correlates with them.

The fool is the part of us that is like a child. No fear and no worry! Not scared to jump in the pool! So the power of fierce fire and no fear is pure energy for manifesting through action!

Have you ever heard that saying “Krunk like no one is watching?” That’s what the Fool is all about. You can plan and do what you need to like you’ve never experienced failure or disappointment. This project or new situation that you’re nurturing is…. wait for it… foolproof. So give give give give it all you got. Give it all you got.

There’s a trust in the Universe that you can channel at this time. The pure spirit of adventure is on your side. Even if your endeavor is something you know a lot about, not “starting new” per se, the Fool is about looking at it with new, exciting, playful energy with no fear or negative self speak to hold you back. You can Trust.



Card of the Week—6 of Cups—Attachment to the Past and Forgiveness

6 of cupsLetting Go of what No Longer Serves Your Greatest Good—Forgiving

Ah, the 6 of cups. Attachment to the past can look like memories, childhood history, karma, past life relationships, or loved ones who have passed. This card signifies a time of self reflection different than the Hermit. This is the time to really look at, feel into emotional blocks from things that have happened in the past and that are keeping you stuck there.

The 6 of cups shows that forgiveness is necessary in order for you to step out of that old bubble and into your new energy. Often this is about forgiving yourself, grieving a loss of any kind be that a person, a friendship, or a time. And then resolve to let go. Forgiveness is a process that so very often goes in layers. But you can’t forgive unless you start the process.

How to Forgive, It’s a Biggie

Forgiveness is the heart work that we do to experience personal freedom. It awakens us to consciousness and propels us to touch on our own Divine Light and Oneness.

10 Steps to Forgiveness

  1. Acknowledge the energy is there. (A crime has occurred)
  2. Remember what put it there. (What was the crime or transgression that initiated your pain, sadness, anger, or fear?)
  3. Witness it.
  4. Sit with it.
  5. Feel it.
  6. Touch on what you’ve learned from this experience. What did Spirit have in mind for this experience for you?
  7. Intend that the past is now behind you.
  8. Watch that past energy flow down your grounding cord into the center of the earth to be transmuted.
  9. Surround yourself with high-frequency light and bask in it!
  10. Repeat as needed. This is a process!

See it, learn from it, get neutral, let go.


Card of the Week—The Magician—Bring the Bliss

The MagicianThis week the Magician tells us to remember what we used to get lost in when we were young. Dance? Novels? Skateboarding? Painting? Bringing back some of those feelings will integrate in what you’re wanting to manifest in present time. Funny how we forget, or simply don’t think of those things the way we used to, but now’s your chance to remember and resurrect.

This week is a time for magic. When you least expect it, resources seemingly fall from the sky into your lap. What you manifest, you get. The Magician is all about the creative Universe at work. With a little focus, your desires and thoughts become tangible right in front of your eyes.

Your intuition can guide you this week as well. Trust it. You are very capable of coming up with solutions that may feel like they just popped in your head… like magic.

You can also gain a lot of insight, knowledge, and inspiration by teaching/showing someone else how to do something you’re good at, or just explaining how you do it—Something clicks and takes you to a new thought process.

This week, after regrouping last week, you really hone the management skills to implement your resources. This way you can make big ideas become realities. This is not a time to rely on others’ skills or know-how alone. Asking for help, yes, managing or directing the process, that’s all you.

Disregarding resources or help at hand is not advised right now. Don’t take these things for granted by placing them on the back burner.

Make use of what’s in front of you! Move forward with confidence. Not hesitating right now.