Padmes Card of the Week — 8 of Cups — Time to move on!

Padmes Card of the Week 8 of cupsThis week we have the energy of both the 8 of Cups and the Card of the Month, 7 of Wands.

All of that releasing and letting go for the New Moon on the first in Capricorn is coming through in a big way. This week confirms feelings and insights that you’ve been getting for a while now. You can trust your intuition and honor your desires by letting go of anything that doesn’t support your newly-juiced intentions!

This week is not a time to sit back and be content with only counting your blessings. It’s a week for discernment and kick-starting. Moving on and forward is the idea here! This week is for being grateful that you can release things in your life that are not propelling you in the direction that you truly want to blast toward!

Padmes January Card of the MonthActually taking your energy away from that something holding you back is what the 8 of Cups represents. Often it’s been a long time coming and you’ve known for a while that this person, situation, habit, relationship has been a train wreck and doesn’t seem to be flowing or fixing itself… Staying with this energy instead of leaving it in the dust will, almost like negative magnets being forced together, keep you from your truth and flow.

This is all about emotional attachment that has kept you here with this situation. No matter how strong the cling, the Universe is on your side! You have permission. You can do it! Release it and walk forward away from it. Any fear that keeps you stuck is simply that: fear. When you walk away and let go of that attachment, you’ll find yourself empowered.

This is a time when you’re being called to something higher and you must heed that call. This is your greatest self that is speaking to you. Listen!


8 of Cups

When I see this card I get the strong sense that a decision to leave a situation has been a long time coming. The seeker has tried to make it work. She’s tried to figure it out, usually working alone to make a relationship or partnership harmonious and productive, but something is just not letting the square peg fit in the circle. It’s sad, but it’s been such a long time coming, that the seeker is ready to move on. No regrets. The seeker knows this hasn’t been working and now wants to and does move on to something that better supports her.

This cards shows that the seeker is taking the emotion out of a situation and is able to see it for what it is. She can ask herself, “Is this for my greatest good?” “Is this situation supporting me?” and be objective in answering those questions. What makes this not an epiphany is that it’s been slowly losing passion for a while. There’s a feeling of loneliness here, but not the kind that is devastating. The kind that just takes over enough to be swayed by another person or project when they cross the path as a catalyst to let this situation go.

Pretty much, this cards means the exact opposite when reversed. Can be someone else in the seeker’s life, but usually the seeker—who is settling. She’s not super happy, but is going through the motions anyway. It’s about being phobic of real intimacy. The seeker is staying in a relationship or partnership that does not require intimacy, which ultimately does not render happiness, because they can’t move past their own feelings of worth.

Sometimes this person will go back on good decisions to leave (when the card was upright) because they can’t seem to move on. If this is paired with the Devil card, it can mean a hard time trying to kick an addictive relationship. Co-dependence: waiting for what the seeker wants the other party to do for them, but the other party just doesn’t play that way. It’s getting the idea that some day things will work out, but that day never comes. The seeker stays and waits anyway thinking there’s hope for the partner to follow through or change, but the partner does not (and possibly, due to dynamics, can’t).

The seeker doesn’t act on what he or she truly wants and may seem fickle. “I want it to be like this today, but not tomorrow.” Mood-based. And really moody! You never know if they’re going to have your back or not.