The Fitting Card of the Month: 7 of Wands —Take Action to Honor Your Worth!

Padmes January Card of the MonthHappy New Year! Yes, the 7 of Wands is about making resolutions and sticking to them!

It’s time to make life changes and decisions that are long-lasting and truly beneficial for your quality of life. SELF CARE is the main idea here: the importance of knowing your worth and taking care because you hold the spark within you that is Divine. When this card is drawn there is a need for working toward better things for yourself and the betterment of situations by taking action-steps to honor your worth.

When life, situations, or your environment get rocky, the 7 of wands tells you not to back down. When you don’t feel like tuning in, do it anyway. This month is not about giving your power away. On the contrary, this month is about easily aligning with your power by deep grounding in self-acceptance. I AM That I AM, Word I AM Word. You are here for a purpose, now flow into it.

Standing up for yourself and your opinions is a must in January. “My way or the Highway” is this month’s motto. Standing your ground and leaning into your truth when it comes to career and finances will bode well for you this month.

Healthwise, you are the ultimate decider. You know what your body needs. Your friend benefits from running, but your body may be better off doing Barre class. You know which is best for you, and you don’t have to sway or be talked into anything. Do what you know is best for your body. Same goes for your diet. Your friend is vegan, and your body craves meat for its protein. Bless it and eat it. This is your intuition that tells you what is best for you.

When it comes to conflict this month, it’s imperative to hold strong on what is important to you. In the long run, your comfort with this issue(s) will make a difference in a part of your life that you don’t want to compromise on for future progression.

January is about really listening to yourself, your body and your heart. Honor your own opinion and trust your feelings in order to move forward in your flow.
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December Card of the Month —The Chariot

Padmes December Card of the Month, The Chariot

Happy Holidays!

It’s the perfect time of year for The Chariot to pop out of the deck for December! This card is all about pure motivation and and the will to follow through. When the Chariot presents its energy, it represents physical, emotional, and mental bodies combined and working together through you, the agent of change, for the completion of a goal. It’s about making things happen!

Willing It, Powering It, and Following Through Until Fruition

Rather than unconscious energy at work, the energy of The Chariot signifies complete awareness of the bigger picture and the harmony and flow of its outcome during the entire process of achievement. It shines as the consciousness of soul path related to a desired outcome. There is a goal to be completed that takes you to the next level in your journey and you have everything it takes to make it happen with perfect integrity.

What is it that is calling you to make moves and changes in your life?

A career shift, targeted weight loss, personal project, yoga certification, organizing your closet, buying a house? Whatever it is, this is a yes/win card. You can complete this task using the power at hand which places you in your pure universal flow. Procrastination is taking this harnessed energy for granted. This is a message to jump in the pool and begin the action necessary now.

Using this energy can look like moving forward to enhance your life with new knowledge and experiences that will support your evolution into the new year. It is Divine emergence of will. Get out of your own way, hush that “But what if” voice, and ride in the motion of Divine flow trusting the Universe and your plan in it!

If your career is in the front seat at this time, it’s a powerful time to allow fast changes to propel you forward. It’s not the time to halt or take a vacation. This is an inevitable journey that you can’t deny. Surrender in this flow is your best friend.

There’s No Time for Distraction!

If you use the energy of The Chariot being offered, you have access to full mastery of your situation. You can be a pure channel for the Universe right now. Implementing the ability to get out of your own way is important! If any rocks in the spokes take your attention, you could be popped off your path, so pay attention and stay focused—The small details will stay small so that you can remain zeroed in on the big picture.

Assertive energy and perserverance are key right now—No giving up! And letting someone else run the show is not going to cut it either. It’s time to take charge and let the momentum of Divine presence carry you to victory!

November Card of the Month—The Moon—Deep Personal Resolution

The MoonHappy Thanksgiving

I find it really interesting that this is the card that popped out of the deck for November! Toward the end of the month, a lot of families and friends will be gathering for Thanksgiving. Let the group dynamics begin! For that very reason, many choose to make this festive time of the year strictly for small groups of compassionate friends— instead of walking right into explosive and high-intensity gatherings.

Stemming from when we were young, we’re set into a specific role in our family by our family: What’s your role? Princess, Whiner, Whistle Blower, Caretaker, Scapegoat, The Smart One, Know-it-all, The one who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves, the one who cares about everyone else and never themselves?

Commonly, we subconsciously bring that role with us into all avenues of our lives. We can see the patterns of our role when we interact at work, or with a group of friends, at school, on teams—really anywhere we must interact in a group situation for an extended period of time.

Some of us are fine with our role. Some of us, not so much.

Those who don’t want to commit to their childhood role can spend a good portion of their lives healing from the labels given to them once they realize that the role never really suited them. The Moon card can bring out this role that was never you. It may even take pride in it. The lessons of The Moon card show us the contrasts that we came here as souls to learn about. (Thank you, higher self/pre-birth planning soul…)

Once you connect with this healing and start that healing journey around your label, the next step usually touches on a need for others in this dynamic to understand and accept your new role as the Real You.

Not so fast, trucker.

The emotional healing process is a personal one. It has to do with your time frame, relativity, and personal power. Not everyone is going to be on the same page, wavelength, or freeway. And that brings you to the inner peace that must develop in order to move forward in your emotional healing for yourself, by yourself. When you’re resolving issues at your own speed and very possibly as a one-man-band,  you’ll be ahead and behind others in their process.

This month is about acceptance, sitting with uncertainty, not knowing, or the practice of resolving issues concerning others on an internal basis when you can’t resolve them in relationship. Giving yourself and others the space and the freedom to be in process. That is what the moon encourages us to look at this month. Perfect timing.

October Card of the Month—Ace of Wands

Ace of WandsSometimes you don’t know you’re sitting in the dark until you see the light.—CM

Alignment of Action with Vision
The Ace of Fire is the card of purpose: Move toward your destiny. When you act out your truth, that is when your Divine light works through you.

You’re standing right where you need to be! You’re in the right place at the right time. Success in opportunity is yours! And if you’ve got career on your mind, it’s time to make some decisions and seize the day! A spark in you is ready to become a flame. Expansion in your life is abounding. Creative offers are to be taken at this time. If you’re starting something new, go for it with all you’ve got. NO procrastination, dilly dallying, or time-consuming analysis (the opposite of last month)! Jump in the pool!

Be prepared: you may be “ahead of your time” with this, so you’ll possibly have to wait for othes to catch up—but moving forward is important at this time! So keep it movin’, Boo Boo.

Grounding this energy is what brings projects, ideas, decisions, and opportunities into fruition. The foundation has secured itself, now ACTION is required to bring about the blossoms! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to ground. This creative energy is powerful and can take you for a ride if you lose your steady connection with the earth. Use that grounding cord.

This card’s message tells us to proceed with what truly inspires and creates passion within us. This energy is lasting and helps lead us in the right direction for victory. Doing things your way right now is important. If you’re looking for employment at this time, it is important that you are honest with yourself about the contentment factor regarding all this project or position entails. Settling right now will not work out in the long run.

If you’re working on strengthening your health, losing weight, training for a marathon: this month is the perfect time to recommit to your goals. The Ace of Wands is your personal trainer! It lights up that glow in your heart and magnifies it 100 times!

It’s important to focus on projects, people, places and adventures that are exciting to you right now. Following this feeling creates joy and lasting momentum. This powerful drive can ignite your life into a whole new dynamic. One that will be more appealing than the one you’re about to leave in the dust.

It’s time to get over what holds you back. Step through it and leave it behind you. All things remaining the same in your life right now just will not do.

September Card of the Month—The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords asks us to value the importance of employing an inquiring mind this month!

Knight of SwordsEven though everything is moving at light speed, take the time to think things through before committing or reacting. Be assertive with your needs and what moves you forward in your own piece of mind. Then take action accordingly. It’s time to walk that talk. Confronting issues and taking the emotion out of situations is imperative this month.

For September: Be ready for unexpected situations at work and in your personal life. Your life can seem turbo charged like you’re in the middle of a vortex… The opposite of being in the eye of the storm!

Confronting situations doesn’t mean being aggressive about them. In fact, it would benefit you to make sure you check your paranoia and inner child at the gate before any heavy communication. Use that good head on your shoulders instead of blowing up before you know what’s up.

It’s also important to note that moving ahead in your success may appear to others as if you’ve left them in the dust. This is their perception. The best thing you can do is continue to focus on what your goal is, and to let go of any negativity from anyone else who would hold you back. You’ve gotta keep it movin. Stopping at this point would backfire.

This knight shows that September is the time to make yourself get off your tush if you haven’t exercised in a while. Looking at exercise and health with the Knight of Swords is all about taking account of what’s going on and making moves to make it better. Be courageous and get with it, whether it’s time to visit the doc or time for a run. You know what you need to do and you have the resources to do it. So do it.

Relationships and communications with lovers can get hot, heated, and/or heavy. Come at these conversations with a cool head this month. Reactions are in the air, so use that knowledge to your benefit. When disagreements arise, look at all the facts before judging or making a decision. Take note of and investigate the essence of the situation. Explore your beliefs and where they came from… Are you viewing the situation with old beliefs, or seeing what is really going on?

If you’ve been waiting for answers or results, this is the month. You’ll get your information and know how to implement your findings. Don’t hesitate to do just that. Move forward with what you know. Not what others deem truth.

Thinking clearly this month is important. The Knight of Swords cuts through fog and sees what’s really there. Always listen to your intuition, but know the facts this month. Get a clear perspective on situations before listening to your heart, then move forward.

Looking at and understanding the complexities of the big picture is key.