The Fitting Card of the Month: 7 of Wands —Take Action to Honor Your Worth!

Padmes January Card of the MonthHappy New Year! Yes, the 7 of Wands is about making resolutions and sticking to them!

It’s time to make life changes and decisions that are long-lasting and truly beneficial for your quality of life. SELF CARE is the main idea here: the importance of knowing your worth and taking care because you hold the spark within you that is Divine. When this card is drawn there is a need for working toward better things for yourself and the betterment of situations by taking action-steps to honor your worth.

When life, situations, or your environment get rocky, the 7 of wands tells you not to back down. When you don’t feel like tuning in, do it anyway. This month is not about giving your power away. On the contrary, this month is about easily aligning with your power by deep grounding in self-acceptance. I AM That I AM, Word I AM Word. You are here for a purpose, now flow into it.

Standing up for yourself and your opinions is a must in January. “My way or the Highway” is this month’s motto. Standing your ground and leaning into your truth when it comes to career and finances will bode well for you this month.

Healthwise, you are the ultimate decider. You know what your body needs. Your friend benefits from running, but your body may be better off doing Barre class. You know which is best for you, and you don’t have to sway or be talked into anything. Do what you know is best for your body. Same goes for your diet. Your friend is vegan, and your body craves meat for its protein. Bless it and eat it. This is your intuition that tells you what is best for you.

When it comes to conflict this month, it’s imperative to hold strong on what is important to you. In the long run, your comfort with this issue(s) will make a difference in a part of your life that you don’t want to compromise on for future progression.

January is about really listening to yourself, your body and your heart. Honor your own opinion and trust your feelings in order to move forward in your flow.
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