Padmes Card-of-the-Month August 2014 — The High Priestess—Access Your Intuition

Padmes Card of the Month-The High PirestessEach month I pull a card representing the month’s energy ahead—The High Priestess is ready to sing from her heart.

She focuses on the pursuits of passion, wisdom, and following the beat of her own footsteps, for she knows her truth is the only truth.

In career this month, trust your gut. There may be some secrecy and hidden knowledge that hasn’t come to the surface just yet. You already know you don’t have all the info and the feeling of not being able to put your finger on it is present. A decision may have to be made before you have all of the information. Don’t sweat it. There’s not a lot you can do until you get more information. The High Priestess is just letting you know you’re not crazy.

In terms of relationship August is a magnificent month for getting deep. Relationships with the High Priestess present are often quite karmic and have currents of past lives. This often shows up as specific childhood dynamics being played out in a romantic relationship. The High Priestess gives hope that these dynamics are able to work themselves through and each partner can add a healing compensation to the others’ deficit. Be kind and soft when working through these issues. Have an open heart and use your inside voice.

Moving with the tides of your intuition and going with the flow is important this month. You may decide something one minute and then when you get there decide to change it up. Perfectly good. The High Priestess is letting us know that it’s ok to change your mind, listen to your intuition as it relates to the ever-changing chart of life, and believe in what you’re sensing. Don’t question it, just go with it. Following your instincts this month could be huge in the grand span of things.

August is also a good month for choosing or pursuing paths of study or getting serious about what your future holds in regards to new forms of education. This includes higher education, college, workshops, seminars, and the like and includes further study for work, spirituality, and hobbies. This is more about how your energy changes when you are in this stronghold of study—how it lifts you and fills you with satisfaction. This is a personal endeavor, though it will affect many with the feelings of wanting to share or teach their new expertise in some way to others. Not a time to let go of education or learning, so don’t put it down even if you are conflicted about how to proceed. It will come in a way you don’t expect. The High Priestess always supports the direction of your Soul Path.

August Affirmation: “I allow my own inner wisdom and connection to the Universe to reflect in my actions, decisions, and intentions and I trust my Spirit.”

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