Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed

Padmes Card of the Month Knight of wands reversedThis month is about looking into your soul and moving away from anyone and anything that comes between you and your Divine purpose. When business endeavors or choices don’t pan out the way you expected, it’s not that you’re way off base. It’s that the Universe is tracking your every move and helping you get to that place of aligned presence. The proximity of your goals and your dreams—so close! Not a month to give up on anything, just entertain a different way to pursue the direction you’re going.

If there’s something that feels out of sync, take a look at what you can do differently. Passion and momentum are upon you, the logistics are coming together. There’s a need to let things play out a bit more before action. In order to see what it is that needs to be done, you’ll have to have some patience, even if that drives you a little crazy. Get deep into that truth center and acknowledge that you are fully supported. This month can be a test to your understanding your full truth potential. You can feel this and respond to the new roads opening in your favor.

Your attitude navigates a lot of your projects and outcomes between now and the new year. Raising your frequency and focusing your attentions to your goals’ accomplishment without judgement can not only be challenging… But feasible! You’re in the short stretch. You can get there if you tap into that well of wisdom. You can also tap into the self-doubt and doldrums this month and fill yourself with anxiety which can shut you down like a rolling black out of unconsciousness. Choose wisely. Why not choose with amusement?

“You cannot solve a problem with the same energy in which it was created.” —Albert Einstein

Affirmation for December 2015 “I fully embrace and embody my potential as a dream maker and outcome creator. I envision my truth and watch it unfold before me.”

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