Cancer Tarotscope December 2014

Cancer Tarotscope December 20142 of Pentacles reversed—Cancer Tarotscope December 2014

Some progress has been made in terms of figuring out what to do regarding something that has had you procrastinating or just at a loss as to which way to go. Nice work! Finally some movement forward into a new energy flow. Now the processes that you need to make this a viable project or beneficial communication can begin. Problems and issues arise when we freeze or hesitate to take action. You know this well, and now you’re free to fly away from what kept you chained to your analyzing.

Committing and focusing changes the game. Take a moment this month and write out what your goals are for the upcoming New Year. This new focus can carry you into several projects that can come to complete fruition and not just sit in your notebook for months! Use this energy and forge ahead with ease and grace. You can do it.

There is also a game-changer on the relationship front. True completeness can be yours when solutions are found to stuck points—as in they no longer need attention, or worries are taken off your plate and are neutralized by others. This leaves you to open your heart to receiving love in a new way. It also opens you up to play on your strengths, complete your goals, and move forward in the creative momentum that you’ve been manifesting like a mofo.

Cancer Tarotscope December 20142 of Pentacles reversed with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

When the Knight of Wands reversed pairs with the 2 of pentacles reversed there’s a need for caution when pursuing avenues that are pushed onto you by others. Your decisions this month benefit you most when you’ve thought them through and made conscious choices regarding your needs and what will make your heart sing in the future. If you’re partnering with someone, make sure it is benefiting you as much as it’s benefiting them. If you’re taking on someone’s responsibilities as your own, don’t. It will suck your will to live and take you a long time to get out of it and recover from it.

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