Card of the Month November 2014 —Judgment

Padmes Card of the MonthJudgmentPadmes  Card of the Month November 2014

Beautiful for looking forward in a new direction. This card signifies new truth and new purpose behind changes if you can see them as opportunities and move toward them with receptivity rather than resistance; accept change with love and an open heart rather than meeting it with fear.

In relation to career, this month can reveal a rebirth and a call to deeply consider your purpose and where you are in your process of aligning your Truth with happiness through your work. It’s time to channel your energies to manifest truly enlightened experiences that make your heart sing, whether this is dancing to the beat of your own drum, or being part of a company whose mission coincides with your own passions.

Contact others who share your ideals and connect with them. Creating an interest group, support group, or becoming involved with a cause can elevate your awareness at this time for core healing.

When it comes to relationships in November, it’s important to remember that each party is not only in their own process in their own time, but acting out a higher truth.

“We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.” —Stephen M. R. Covey

Softening to another’s point of view even just to understand and connect with where they are coming from can be a powerful tool in forgiveness, self-awareness, and reconciliation. Remember to see the lesson in how our truth shows itself to us by way of others reflecting it back to us.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to take action, this is an action card. It tells us to move forward with new and exciting adventures; to forge ahead through undefined paths, be assured that the Universe has your back and you’ll find your way. A new awakening is before you. Let it unfold and be ready in an instant to take it up on any grand synchronicities and life-changing prospects.
November’s Affirmation: “I honor my true self by accepting sparks of inspiration as guidance to self-discovery and connection with my Divine being.”