2013 December Goddess Reiki Share!

Goddess Reiki Share December This Month the Goddess Reiki Share made intentions of releasing false beliefs & illuminating personal truth!

It was a biggie with the Winter Solstice coming up, so we were ready! Last month we did some manifesting with Reiki, and this month we built on that premise by creating intentions for the year ahead.

With the Sagittarius New Moon on the 2nd this month helping us shed layers of false-belief energy, we’re dropping what no longer serves us in terms of old belief patterns that snag the render of evolution for our greater good and soul path purpose.

We celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini by acknowledging and validating where we are in our own personal journey leading the way to our expressions of our own truths. Bringing forth what it is that we need to recognize our own ability to “know” and be certain within our own consciousness, we’ll be giving acknowledgement to ourselves and our process, being grateful for our lessons, accomplishments, and what has guided us to our truths where we are right now.

As Lightworkers we are constantly healing ourselves and the environment around us, consciously raising our frequencies for the betterment of the world.

This month we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our personal truths in order to raise the consciousness of the world!

Amazing healers last night! We had New Reiki healers who joined the circle as well as past gatherers. A good group of bodyworkers who integrate Reiki with Craniosacral, massage, and Healing Touch. The energy in the room vibrates when everyone is in their zone, healing away. And the Kelly Big Blue Barn rocks as usual with Angelic and Faerie energy around us amped up by the frequency of Reiki, whew! We definitely had to ground before driving home!

Thank you to everyone who brought their healing hands last night!

See you in January!



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