Goddess Reiki Share Healing & Insights for November 2015

November 2015 Goddess Reiki Share

Healing with the new moon in Scorpio and the full moon in Gemini

This month’s energy asked us to acknowledge epiphanies that bubbled over. What triggered the snot out of you? What affected you? What are you stuffing?

The shadow work, deep communication, and processing that has happened over the past few weeks brought up, needless to say, some childhood trauma and nerves that felt as raw as when I experienced them through those young years.

The deep wounds from childhood that surfaced for me dealt with passive aggressive communication with someone who was trying to get their own needs met through guilting and shaming. And it did trigger the snot out of me!

It sent me to a place where I had to evaluate my own boundaries and values and make a decision about how or if I was going to move forward in that kind of relationship. The trust was broken. Talk about a non hug-it-out situation. The unconsciousness part of that communication brought up so many experiences that were difficult for me when I was young—a lot of the reason being that I couldn’t get away from them.

The Outer Child, the concept explained in Taming Your Outer Child, by Susan Anderson, would haveScreen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.31.33 PMresponded like a banshee trying to protect the sensitive inner child. At first my Outer Child was pissed. When the Outer Child comes forward, it’s an alert to the Adult self that all is not well in Wonder Land.

Using the Outer Child as a red flag can come in handy for the self-healer.


My Outer Child alert brought me to begin a process of healing that I’d stuffed for a long time. I needed and continue to need my own consistent acknowledgement to myself that I am important enough not to stay in a situation that is nothing but healing and nurturing, no matter what the reasons.

This, of course, brought me to the shadow work. Where am I being verbally or emotionally abusive in my life and to whom? (Besides my computer when it’s not working right!)

Then there was my Zel. Scorpio’s death stuff came in full blast. I had to be my truest adult self I’ve ever been and make the hard decision you never want to think about. I got her ashes back today.

I hope you have claimed your healing space this month and have been able to move forward in your own conscious evolution. I am honored to be among you wonderful healing Goddesses.



January 2015 Goddess Reiki Share

What a special Goddess Reiki Share this month, Goddesses. I truly appreciate each one of you and thank you so much for sharing so intimately, releasing, and healing in this circle. Much love and grace to you all.



I didn’t realize I needed it so badly, but I had a deeply healing and beautiful evening at the Goddess Reiki Share last night. Man, it felt good to just shed all of that crap in such a supportive atmosphere. Thank you so much, Meggin Sessions and everyone who attended.—A.M., Lafayette, CO

The Goddess Reiki Share last night was so heartfelt, warming and loving. I truly enjoyed holding space for this beautiful group of light workers. I received as much as I gave in this session.—T. Firestone, CO

I just want to say THANK YOU to all who attended. What a deeply healing evening!—A. Boulder, CO

Goddess Reiki Share

This special Reiki circle meets once a month to share, heal, and celebrate in Boulder, Colorado. You can sign up at GoddessReikiShare.com or call Meg for more information: 623.229.9505

This Month’s Goddess Reiki Share Deets:

January 2015 Goddess Reiki ShareThis is a special event for Goddesses held at the very grounding Kundalini Yoga Sanctuary, Adi Shakti in Boulder!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Adi Shakti
6717 Valmont Rd, Boulder 80301


This special women’s group meets once a month to share Reiki energy, heal, and celebrate in Boulder, Colorado. You can sign up at GoddessReikiShare.com or call Meg for more information: 623.229.9505

This is a Special Event for Goddesses!
Hello Beautiful Goddess Lightworkers!

Come Join us and celebrate the energy that radiates from this month by gathering, sharing, and healing the planet, our loved ones, and each other.

When we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our intentions, we align with the Divine and shift energies into their natural flow.

Goddess Reiki Share Crystal GridAs always, we’ll have the Crystal Reiki Grid ready when you arrive. Please feel free to bring your list of those who you would like to receive Distance Reiki through the grid during our powerful healing and space holding. You can always add to the list we have here already.

If you have something special that you keep on your altar to remind you of your personal power and how it is greatly needed in the world (you are a powerful healing source and a gift to the Universe), the Reiki Crystal Grid is the perfect place to infuse it!

• Bring anything you’d like to be cleared and infused with Reiki energy to add to the grid: crystals, jewelry, letters, a scarf—anything you’d like!

• We will be working on massage tables and yoga mats (for anyone who would rather be grounded on the mat during their Reiki session).

Cost: $12 at the door or $10.60 per person via PayPal online! (Please know that the money obtained for this event goes directly to the room rental fee.) I’m looking forward to seeing, sharing, and healing with everyone!
RSVP on GoddessReikiShare.com




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2013 December Goddess Reiki Share!

Goddess Reiki Share December This Month the Goddess Reiki Share made intentions of releasing false beliefs & illuminating personal truth!

It was a biggie with the Winter Solstice coming up, so we were ready! Last month we did some manifesting with Reiki, and this month we built on that premise by creating intentions for the year ahead.

With the Sagittarius New Moon on the 2nd this month helping us shed layers of false-belief energy, we’re dropping what no longer serves us in terms of old belief patterns that snag the render of evolution for our greater good and soul path purpose.

We celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini by acknowledging and validating where we are in our own personal journey leading the way to our expressions of our own truths. Bringing forth what it is that we need to recognize our own ability to “know” and be certain within our own consciousness, we’ll be giving acknowledgement to ourselves and our process, being grateful for our lessons, accomplishments, and what has guided us to our truths where we are right now.

As Lightworkers we are constantly healing ourselves and the environment around us, consciously raising our frequencies for the betterment of the world.

This month we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our personal truths in order to raise the consciousness of the world!

Amazing healers last night! We had New Reiki healers who joined the circle as well as past gatherers. A good group of bodyworkers who integrate Reiki with Craniosacral, massage, and Healing Touch. The energy in the room vibrates when everyone is in their zone, healing away. And the Kelly Big Blue Barn rocks as usual with Angelic and Faerie energy around us amped up by the frequency of Reiki, whew! We definitely had to ground before driving home!

Thank you to everyone who brought their healing hands last night!

See you in January!



Anybody elses’s day a doozy? Day 2 Reiki Chakra Cleanse

When we believe there is plenty of abundance for everyone, we release those hoarding energies that tell us the opposite.

rootchakra4We have room for more of the energy that we want, and let go of the energy that keeps us stuck in our fear.

Fear looks like envy, jealousy, or not being happy for someone else’s success. It blocks our own ability to manifest. It fills up the space for our place to manifest with this heavy energy. So that’s what we’re releasing: yesterday, today and tomorrow. The yucky energy: The fear energy that keeps us stuck. Look out! It’s all flowing downhill!

It’s okay to let this energy go and be ready for energy that will help you get what you really want to manifest.

Simply acknowledging that this is what you want to release and using Reiki energy to help break up those blocks, naturally helping our bodies to release energy that no longer serves us, will get everything moving in the right direction ;)

Mother Earth is powerful. She takes this energy and transmutes it back into the universe where it will better serve elsewhere. You can’t hurt her when you give her this energy back. It is neutral and she always knows what to do with it!

When we are free of energy that tells us to be scared and save everything we can instead of letting the natural ebb and flow take over, we are not feeling safe. Trusting that the Universe and Spirit is providing everything we need when we need it is the key to manifesting and the key to letting fear go from the root chakra.

I can see our root chakras, there has been a lot of releasing, though I’m seeing some red felt-like energy in the center and as an outline around the meridian. This shows me that we have had success! And that we’re working on more releasing! Keep it movin, boo boos!

It’s not too late to get on the Distance Reiki list for this 21-Day cleanse! Just let me know, message me or like this post and I’ll add you.

If you had a day that may have been filled with some “OMIGOD” concerning bills, career, where you live, you’re not alone! I’ve already had someone contact me that was out of their mind this morning with worry about a new project….

By the end of the day, they not only got the project, but it turns out that the client has bigger expectations, and a bigger budget!

That’s what I’m talking about!

Settle into your releasing energy that is no longer needed or no longer supports your greatest good, and let Reiki work with your body. Good Job, everyone!

Let me know how you’re feeling!







Nurturing Indigos and HSPs—Trust


Encouragement and reassurance build the process of trust.

Parents who are “real” with their kids are parents who are honest. They are the parents who can be trusted. The only way children can learn and feel solid and enduring trust is from witnessing integrity in action. Being honest with yourself and your children by using the “Show-don’t-tell” approach will inevitably lead you to live in integrity.

People at their very basic mimic caretakers and those who raise them. It reminds me of a story about a black lab puppy I lived with years ago. I already had a beautiful Chocolate lab that was 4. I had taught her several tricks, one of which was the “wave-wave.” The new black lab puppy was only 16-weeks-old when he started doing the wave-wave by watching and mimicking my chocolate lab. He saw that she received treats for doing this and began copying her without anyone putting forth any effort to teach him.

On a larger scale and on a deeper level, notice the same natural pattern with relationship dynamics and the messages that are sent. For instance, as a child when I felt distraught about excessive external stimuli and my surroundings, my brother mimicked my mother by ignoring me. My aunt told my cousins “not to pay attention to me” because that is what my mother had shown her—and I imagine their parents ignored their needs to an extent as well. It is mimicked and followed until someone, (that someone was me after I was an adult), made it clear that it was no longer acceptable behavior. Parents hold such great responsibility through their silent messages and verbal cues.

Non-truths, evasion, aloofness, and double messages are all examples of communication when parents don’t know how to express their thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Yet there are so many approaches that send positive messages. Simply acknowledging the need and desire to heal can open the channel between parent and child for greater contact and peaceful exchange.

Being pro-active about health and how we heal, grow and move on, for instance, sends the appropriate idea: “caring about my well-being, making sure I’m healthy, balanced and connected is important.” Receiving energy work, like Reiki, for parents with intentions to let go of non-supportive patterns is an example of teaching through action. The practice of being calm in adverse situations is how we can show our children about balance and spirituality. We must live it in order for it to be present and build trust.

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