January 2015 Goddess Reiki Share

What a special Goddess Reiki Share this month, Goddesses. I truly appreciate each one of you and thank you so much for sharing so intimately, releasing, and healing in this circle. Much love and grace to you all.



I didn’t realize I needed it so badly, but I had a deeply healing and beautiful evening at the Goddess Reiki Share last night. Man, it felt good to just shed all of that crap in such a supportive atmosphere. Thank you so much, Meggin Sessions and everyone who attended.—A.M., Lafayette, CO

The Goddess Reiki Share last night was so heartfelt, warming and loving. I truly enjoyed holding space for this beautiful group of light workers. I received as much as I gave in this session.—T. Firestone, CO

I just want to say THANK YOU to all who attended. What a deeply healing evening!—A. Boulder, CO

Goddess Reiki Share

This special Reiki circle meets once a month to share, heal, and celebrate in Boulder, Colorado. You can sign up at GoddessReikiShare.com or call Meg for more information: 623.229.9505

This Month’s Goddess Reiki Share Deets:

January 2015 Goddess Reiki ShareThis is a special event for Goddesses held at the very grounding Kundalini Yoga Sanctuary, Adi Shakti in Boulder!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Adi Shakti
6717 Valmont Rd, Boulder 80301


This special women’s group meets once a month to share Reiki energy, heal, and celebrate in Boulder, Colorado. You can sign up at GoddessReikiShare.com or call Meg for more information: 623.229.9505

This is a Special Event for Goddesses!
Hello Beautiful Goddess Lightworkers!

Come Join us and celebrate the energy that radiates from this month by gathering, sharing, and healing the planet, our loved ones, and each other.

When we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our intentions, we align with the Divine and shift energies into their natural flow.

Goddess Reiki Share Crystal GridAs always, we’ll have the Crystal Reiki Grid ready when you arrive. Please feel free to bring your list of those who you would like to receive Distance Reiki through the grid during our powerful healing and space holding. You can always add to the list we have here already.

If you have something special that you keep on your altar to remind you of your personal power and how it is greatly needed in the world (you are a powerful healing source and a gift to the Universe), the Reiki Crystal Grid is the perfect place to infuse it!

• Bring anything you’d like to be cleared and infused with Reiki energy to add to the grid: crystals, jewelry, letters, a scarf—anything you’d like!

• We will be working on massage tables and yoga mats (for anyone who would rather be grounded on the mat during their Reiki session).

Cost: $12 at the door or $10.60 per person via PayPal online! (Please know that the money obtained for this event goes directly to the room rental fee.) I’m looking forward to seeing, sharing, and healing with everyone!
RSVP on GoddessReikiShare.com




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