Anybody elses’s day a doozy? Day 2 Reiki Chakra Cleanse

When we believe there is plenty of abundance for everyone, we release those hoarding energies that tell us the opposite.

rootchakra4We have room for more of the energy that we want, and let go of the energy that keeps us stuck in our fear.

Fear looks like envy, jealousy, or not being happy for someone else’s success. It blocks our own ability to manifest. It fills up the space for our place to manifest with this heavy energy. So that’s what we’re releasing: yesterday, today and tomorrow. The yucky energy: The fear energy that keeps us stuck. Look out! It’s all flowing downhill!

It’s okay to let this energy go and be ready for energy that will help you get what you really want to manifest.

Simply acknowledging that this is what you want to release and using Reiki energy to help break up those blocks, naturally helping our bodies to release energy that no longer serves us, will get everything moving in the right direction ;)

Mother Earth is powerful. She takes this energy and transmutes it back into the universe where it will better serve elsewhere. You can’t hurt her when you give her this energy back. It is neutral and she always knows what to do with it!

When we are free of energy that tells us to be scared and save everything we can instead of letting the natural ebb and flow take over, we are not feeling safe. Trusting that the Universe and Spirit is providing everything we need when we need it is the key to manifesting and the key to letting fear go from the root chakra.

I can see our root chakras, there has been a lot of releasing, though I’m seeing some red felt-like energy in the center and as an outline around the meridian. This shows me that we have had success! And that we’re working on more releasing! Keep it movin, boo boos!

It’s not too late to get on the Distance Reiki list for this 21-Day cleanse! Just let me know, message me or like this post and I’ll add you.

If you had a day that may have been filled with some “OMIGOD” concerning bills, career, where you live, you’re not alone! I’ve already had someone contact me that was out of their mind this morning with worry about a new project….

By the end of the day, they not only got the project, but it turns out that the client has bigger expectations, and a bigger budget!

That’s what I’m talking about!

Settle into your releasing energy that is no longer needed or no longer supports your greatest good, and let Reiki work with your body. Good Job, everyone!

Let me know how you’re feeling!







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