Your Soul’s Gift: Chapter 5 Pet’s and Their Healing Power

As I’m reading this now, it occurs to me that when our beloved Casey, a Shepard mix that we brought home from the Humane Society in AZ, passed away, I told my mom that she just had to ask Casey to come back to her. She would come back as another dog or pet.

My mom wasn’t sure about this. She was, after some time, thinking of getting another dog friend for her Betty who was grieving Casey and was showing that she was quite lonely without her. She made several trips to the same Humane Society to see if she “felt” Casey there waiting for her in another dog body.

We, together, looked at videos online to see if one of them seemed to click as Casey and would be coming home with her. We even saw a beautiful red mix named Penny. She was almost the one, but when my mom went to the Humane Society that day, she came home with a “Boxer Golden mix.”

Milli Golden CoyoteOne look at this little thing and it was obvious to me there was no boxer present… after she grew for a couple of weeks, it was fairly clear that she was a coyote mix! Same color as Goldens, but her body type and personality seemed wild-dog-like. This puppy too, did not seem like it embodied Casey. That was okay, but I did wonder why Casey didn’t come back to my mom.

Only a year later my mom passed away. It all makes sense to me now, just reading this chapter, why Casey didn’t come back. She was waiting for my mom to come to her! Milli, the pretty Golden mix is with me and lighting up my life. Ultimately, I guess, she came to be my animal guide.

It’s just now coming into full understanding and I wanted to share. Your Soul’s Gift is such a wonderful explanation of our pre-birth planning. And the Author is offering certain chapters for Free till Tuesday. I just saw this posted on facebook! Here’s the link: Your Soul’s Gift free chapters on Amazon.



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