Padmes Tarotscopes for September 2014

Padmes Tarotscopes September 2014Aries (March 21-April 19) Tarot: 6 of Wands
—Personal Victory

This month the ability to overcome challenges is in the ethers. If your desire is to move forward and get out of a current situation that isn’t working optimally for you, or you’ve just had it and it’s time to start fresh with a new lifestyle or an endeavor—positive energy follows you this month. You will have to do the follow-through to get the success that you’re wanting, but the momentum is there and ready for you to hone it.

It’s a lucky month for gaining any type of “help” that you need. Even things that seemed over and done can make a comeback in your favor. Social friends and professional friends are at hand in a pinch. It’s a good month for playful fun. Any financial difficulties will be resolved. There’s also luck in love and appearing sparklie to someone that you want to attract into your life.

Tidbit to keep in mind: sometimes victory is something you don’t have to share. Just knowing that you have succeeded can be enough. Private victory can be powerful cultivation for future victories.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Hawthorne Stone: Citrine Chakra: Solar Plexus

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Tarot: The Star
—Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Healing

This can be a defining month for you, Taurus. If you’re challenged by what your purpose is in life or how you’re going to achieve spiritual happiness and contentment, or you’re wanting to really release your past and the effects it has had on your current conditions, you can rest assured that things will work out more positively than you perhaps thought it could.

Following your true path is exactly what the Star’s message is. It’s all about your own faith in your true self and flow with the Universe. Even if it seems far out of reach, the Star tells us not to waiver. Continue taking steps toward your dream—no matter how small the step is, take one every day toward your truth and you will get to your destination.

This month be prepared for a squirrely altercation at work. You can overcome this by staying as neutral as possible and curbing any rage issues you might be oppressing… Overreacting to this is a sign for you to take care of an unresolved issue that happened in your past, and most likely in your childhood, not this work situation. This is part of releasing your past in order to get closer to your greatest well-being.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Skullcap Stone: Amethyst Chakra: Crown

Gemini (May 21-June 20,21) Tarot: 7 of Swords
—More Understanding of the Situation is Needed

There’s a difference between appeasing someone and truly wanting to help them because you love them and want them to be happy. And they know the difference! So check your true intentions. Are you in a situation where your actions revolve around not wanting to hear the end of it, or are they aligned with the whole’s greater good? “I serve at the pleasure of the President…” It’s time to ask yourself why and figure out if this is the perfect situation for you, or a situation that is ultimately sucking the life out of you.

This is also a month to figure things out on your own. A deep reflective time for you. It’s not the time to share with a friend or confide about the self-reflection that is going on for you. Being too trusting with some valuable information is not a good idea at this time. Sharing awesome ideas with someone seemingly off the cuff may render some ownership rights issues. There’s also a point about not sharing your opinions or feelings about particular situations. The right time will present itself for you to voice your thoughts, and sometimes it’s perfectly effective to voice your truth—but this month, keep it on the lolo.

Spiritual Tools for September: Herb: Wood Betony Stone: Sodalite Chakra: Throat

Cancer (June 21,22-July22) Tarot: 9 of Cups
—The Wish Card

There is a contentment and security that is felt after you’ve had a good, nourishing meal in an environment that exudes safety. And in safety, I mean everything is in place. It’s beautiful, comfortable, all your needs are met. All your fears for the moment are quelled. “ I am safe, I am loved, I am centered.” This is your mantra for the month, Cancer.

Emotional satisfaction in all aspects of life can be felt this month. Relax into this feeling of Oneness awareness and True Self awareness. This is where even more abundance can grow. You’re in the center of it and its deep fulfillment can continue for the rest of the year if you cultivate it. It’s important to really focus on those things that bring you comfort and feelings of peace and not those things that drive you bat shit crazy. Your actions about your surroundings and what you have brought into your life up to this point are as important as your thoughts about them.

There’s also the calling to connect with your inner child and help her out with some emotions that aren’t resolved from her past. You can give her presents and feed her chocolate this month. She needs some comfort and acknowledgement so that she can release these fearful and heartfelt things from long ago. It will also be a good exercise for your manifesting endeavors.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Squawvine Stone: Labradorite Chakra: Solar Plexus

Leo (July 23-August 22) Tarot: King of Wands
—Exuding not so quiet confidence can work for you this month

The big planning part of a business endeavor is upon you. Development of this plan can be influenced by a colleague or financial partner in a big way. You can let yourself relax, Leo, if you can make your confidence work for you. You set a standard that you’re reliant and an effective leader making sure to delegate in a way that is extraordinarily accurate in placing people where their personal skills shine. You can easily connect with others who appreciate your charm and who will love to be part of your amazing ideas and process.

You’re motivated now to create something magical. You have the vision and the big-picture view that is needed to see this through to the end. You can bring others on board who share your vision, but be careful not to add someone to the mix who wants to change the project and make it their own. It just won’t work in this situation. You are the spearhead, so take the lead. No need to argue about anything, just trust what you feel and match your words and decisions to those feelings.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Cinnamon Stone: Chalcedony Chakra: Solar Plexus

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Tarot: Ace of Wands reversed
—Hold up! Don’t Act Just Yet. It’s Time to do Some Recon

The spark of an idea this month is not enough to go on in the grand scheme of things. It needs more thought and research. Throwing your hands up and giving up is not the solution. If you’re too tired to continue with this line of creative thinking, give it a rest. It may even be time to do a little free associating in picture form, painting, or drawing in order to clear some cobwebs and get to a place where your words aren’t running the show.

This is just the beginning, even though your original idea may change considerably. Give this a chance, but give yourself some time to get there. Don’t let non-approval or lack of acknowledgement get you down. There’s more to do here, and you may have a different audience that you have yet to consider.

There are energetic patterns that have been set up in your past that are no longer working for you. It’s time to refresh and renew in order to release past blocks that may be hindering your romantic life and your creative work projects. It’s time for some energy work. Kundalini Reiki, manifesting true-self space awareness, or sitting in Epsom salts are all good for you this month.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Chamomile Stone: Black Tourmoline Chakra: Solar Plexus

Libra (September 23-October 22) Tarot: King of Pentacles reversed
—Think Twice before Blowing Off an Obligation

It’s time to look at some logistics this month. Take some inventory of your goals and ideals and where you’re going in life. In the big scope of things, make a will; make sure all your “papers” are in order so you don’t have to think about it again. It will give you some freedom to move forward and not have anything hanging over your head. Part of this is an emotional tie that feeds procrastination. Squash it! This does not have to be emotional. You can get your ducks in a row and feel empowered. This will actually help you in all aspects of your life’s pursuits.

You’re not spinning your wheels. These decisions are important, but you don’t have to do everything in 24 hours. Just make some goals and focus on them and then, methodically, move on to the next. Give yourself a plan that you can stick to so that you can achieve some practical life queries. Then you can go play.

Not tending to things that need attention will pull you down in the long run. Not a month to throw things to the wind. Get prepared, whether it’s diet, exercise, planning a trip or expenditure, or creating a savings account for something specific. You are worth this process. And you are strong enough to get this done.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Alfalfa Stone: Fluorite Chakra: Heart

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Tarot: Page of Wands
—Universal flow can carry you if you choose to step into it

Recognizing your part in the flow and your part in the halting of the flow is what this month is about. What do you do to stop your Universal flow? Or what triggers you to step out of your flow? It’s time to create a fool-proof plan so that you can have your cake and eat it too.

This month is holding you in sacred space for beginning a project or life plan that has to do with work that you love. When you can feel present in your process and match your actions to your feelings, you are in the flow. Creativity creates creativity. Abundance creates more abundance! It’s time to own your brilliance and do everything you can to make your goals come into fruition. There’s something to be said about learning for the very sake of bringing new ideas into your energy field. Take the Universe by storm! Be part of the energy that makes dreams come true. (You already are, it’s just a decision to believe it.)

Be open to new communications and to reaching out when you find something that someone has done that sparks your interest. Curious inquiries can lead to big changes and opportunities. New friends, new places, new ways of looking at your life are afoot this month. Exciting possibilities.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Shepherd’s Purse Stone: Carnelian Chakra: Solar Plexus

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Tarot: 5 of Pentacles
—When the student is ready

This month looks like it could be filled with lessons in growth that propel you spiritually. September has a yoga pose or two that could bring you out of unconsciousness. Moving into those uncomfortable yoga poses can often bring our greatest self forward. The part that is strong, enduring, and that can ultimately surrender and trust in the Universe; trust a part of ourselves that we once were not aware of to even acknowledge.

This card indicates a time when we can be quite self-deprecating whether out loud or in our minds, but it’s a form of processing and incubation. Not a place to linger for too long, but a place to observe when it arises. Usually when this occurs, hands are extended and love is being offered, but we may feel undeserving, or too wrapped up in our own minds to see that we’re surrounded by support.

This is also a time when things can work out in your favor after what seems to be hardship. It’s a time when preparedness and resourcefulness can be an asset. If you’re in need of a new system that works better than the one you’ve been using, you could get genius and create amazing solutions.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Mugwort Stone: Jade Chakra: Solar Plexus

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Tarot: The Devil reversed
—The ability to shed patterns that no longer serve you

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Congratulations! You’re free! You are now able to see patterns and habits that no longer serve you and fully release them. Believe it. Those patterns that would keep you circling and cycling through the same mud that made you feel as if you were getting nowhere in a situation you desperately wanted to transcend? You have seen the light. And now you don’t have to be crazy any more.

It’s time to be open about your true desires and forgiving of yourself and others who have tried to steer you on a path of their liking instead of your truth. This new insight can bring you to greater places in your journey of finding full trust of self. We hide things from ourselves periodically out of fear of change, or fear of truth. But when it’s out, it’s out, and usually for the better.

This card reversed also indicates a strong pull to Spirit. It’s about not only releasing blocks, but releasing the attachment to things that keep us unconscious to our true Spirit. Settling in this month to a particular meditation or just giving yourself time and permission to center and drop into heartspace will help integrate this new energy swirling around your field. Take it and pull it in. It’s your new freedom to enjoy.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Lobelia Stone: Smoky Quartz Chakra: Root

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Tarot: King of Swords reversed
—Bite your tongue

This month is about being discerning. In any business, personal, or emotional dealings it’s important to come from your heartspace. Take a breath before speaking; take a day to make decisions instead of being impetuous. Take a week to set up systems. Time to think things through. Try not to hurry anything up this month, even if you may feel like it or the pressure’s on… Take your time and know you’ve made the right decisions for the situations at hand.

If there are feelings of angst relating to nothing falling into place as you wished or when you wished, patience is needed. Give it some time to come back around. Filling your heart with fear or sadness instead of being open to infinite possibilities can be your biggest setback this month if you’re not careful. You may miss opportunities if you’re stewing and your head is down.

Be methodical and unwavering emotionally when it comes to anything having to do with financial matters or business deals, legal signings, and partnership credibility. Do what you need to do to get information that will satisfy your mind, which seems to be going monkey. It will save you some heat in the future.

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: St. Johnswort Stone: Tiger’s Eye Chakra: Heart

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Tarot: 8 of Wands
—(Also the card of the month…)Get ready for a whirlwind

Communication and fast dealings this month will set the momentum for future success. Get grounded so that all that is spoken, written, or otherwise communicated about romance, new opportunities, and gatherings of any kind will work for you in the most effective ways. Thoughts about expanding creatively can feel like channeling angel messages for yourself and your greatest good. So pay attention to your stream of thought consciousness when you’re brainstorming.

Any kind travel is perfect. Planning a trip this month is also successful. You’ll make the connections and see specifics that you can flawlessly marry together to create something wonderful. Taking care of arrangements in a timely matter is what will bring you the best results.

This can be quite a social month for you. You can be on the phone a lot if you’re not careful! Having tea, being a lady who lunches, you could get this rep by the time September’s over if you haven’t already! This is the perfect month to celebrate things finally going through and finalization in on-going matters. You could be feeling generous this month and want to give gifts. Yay!

Spiritual tools for September: Herb: Sassafras Stone: Black Onyx Chakra: Solar Plexus

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  1. Caroline Garhart says:

    I so enjoy your informative and beautiful newsletter and website. You helped me hold the space and energy I was using with a client the other day, and I felt so safe and supported in your hands. Your spiritual development is amazing, and I look forward to working with you again soon.