Aries Tarotscope December 2014

Aries Tarotscope December 20144 of Pentacles reversed—Aries Tarotscope December 2014

Exciting business ventures are ahead that show promise and profit! Opening your heart to receive is the best decision you’ll ever make. Walk away from anything that holds you in fear around money. If you are about to take that plunge into open heart awareness and manifesting, it’s important to let go of anyone who keeps you down in poverty consciousness when you’re trying to rise up out of it! Get clear of anyone else’s energy in your space that tells you money is hard to get, hard to keep, and hard to manage. You got this.

You really can have it all when you believe you can and when the negativity, which is truly fear, from others is out of your space. Moving into a place where you can feel safe to create is perfect this month. The New Year is full of adventure for you, Aries, and this is just the start. You making your own rules and letting go of all that control! The surrender is what sets you free!

It’s a month to identify what is truly important and what you can let go. Things are things. They come and go. Attachment to things can be draining and keep you from truly hearing what your heart is saying in terms of what is really important to you. You don’t have to be run by things. They don’t have the upper hand. You do. So you tell those things where to go.

Aries Tarotscope December 20144 of Pentacles reversed with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

Cautionary note: Don’t invest in something financially that is feeling like a hard-sell or you’re not sure if you should go through with it, but perhaps feel like giving in. Only invest in what you full-heartedly know you love or that feels like a winning and grounded venture. There may be someone who tries to persuade you who is looking out for number 1, and they’re not putting you at the top of the list… This could go sideways and it will all be on you. No means no. It does not require an explanation.

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Padmes Card of the Day—Queen of Pentacles reversed

padmes card of the day queen of pentacles reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—Queen of Pentacles reversed

If you’re feeling insecure today, or letting negative self speak take over; if you’re getting caught up in the whirlwind of competition with you on the downside—it’s time to fake it till you make it. There’s something to be said for putting action to what it is that you want or strive to be. If you desire specific outcomes, act like it is so. Any negativity is just wasting time & energy! #tarotreadings #metaphysical #tarot

Padmes Card of the Day—6 of Cups

padmes card of the day 6 of cupsPadmes Daily Tarot—6 of Cups

In the same Mercury Retrograde vein as the King of Cups yesterday telling us to get our priorities straight, today the 6 of Cups speaks to the past catching up with us. Engagements with old loves, friends, and feelings from long ago may come back to let you know there’s still some healing to be done and patterns to release. Get to it. It’s important to accept and let others be in their process today too. Let it go. <3 #Tarot #Mercuryretrograde

Padmes Daily Tarot—Seven of Pentacles reversed

padmes card of the day seven of pentaclesPadmes Daily Tarot—Seven of Pentacles reversed

A need to reevaluate what you’re procrastinating about. It’s time to take into consideration adjustments so that progress can be attained with greater ease. Playing hooky is not the answer unless you’re using that time to get a bird’s eye view. Business decisions should be looked at diligently and with care before action is taken. Sometimes purging is the best thing as it leaves room for more of the good stuff. <3 #tarotreadings

Padmes Tarot Card of the Day—Knight of Cups

padmes card of the day knight of cupsPadmes Tarot Card of the Day—Knight of Cups

Powerful healing can be done today emotionally & physically. It is important to seek out what stirs your heart consciousness & leave the rest for the birds. A true calling can be identified if you let yourself believe you don’t have to work a day in your life if you love what you do. Not a day to sit back & avoid protecting something that is important to you. Stand up for what you want & it will return the favor. <3  #metaphysical #dailytarot