Knight of Cups—Padmes Card of the Day

Knight of Cups Padmes Daily Tarot

Padmes Daily Tarot—Knight of Cups

Heart-felt gestures and romantic thinking today can cure anticipation and stir up long-awaited reprieve. Following your emotional heart can bring you peace and satisfaction—elation or relief means yes, confusion means no. If an invitation arrives or offer is extended, follow this pattern when deciding to accept. This situation can lead to an amazing new energetic shift and refreshed life experiences. Action over pondering. #tarot

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Padmes Tarot Card of the Day—Knight of Cups

padmes card of the day knight of cupsPadmes Tarot Card of the Day—Knight of Cups

Powerful healing can be done today emotionally & physically. It is important to seek out what stirs your heart consciousness & leave the rest for the birds. A true calling can be identified if you let yourself believe you don’t have to work a day in your life if you love what you do. Not a day to sit back & avoid protecting something that is important to you. Stand up for what you want & it will return the favor. <3  #metaphysical #dailytarot

Padmes Card of the Day—Knight of Cups

padmes card of the day knight of cupsPadmes Card of the Day—Knight of Cups

For many a change of residence may be looming. The talk or daydream about moving or vacationing VRBO-style can take over an afternoon. There’s a sense of being saved if you’re in need of saving this evening. “A little luck and some faerie dust” seems to be today’s energy. Listen for proposals, new business partnerships, and invitations… They can feel magnetic and be dreamy prospects!