MicroOrbit Cards Day 40!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

 Hello Beautiful Microcosmic Orbiters! Here are our cards for Day 40! 🤍
Our Cards today talk about arriving at a precipice of initiation that requires you to leave behind an old you. This old you may have been, what felt like, pretty well-formed, so a rebirth is in order. A rebalancing and realignment into the New Light You.
You have been or you are now receiving the message that change is huge, this reset is significant and needed for your Divine Right Direction. Something your Higher-Self decided long ago is in play right now, just starting. And it looks like it changes everything. Speaking Divine Decree into the Universe at this time is truly powerful. Karmic clearing blasts you into a new level of consciousness. Release the grip on old wounds, issues, and struggles. See your whole situation differently. Open your heart to infinite possibility. 🤍

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