MicroOrbit Cards Day 41!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

🤍 MicroOrbiting Cards for Day 41! 🤍
Today’s cards are about creation and our part in it. They’re about what we’ve denied ourselves and what we’ve avoided. It’s time to free those things and give them space to appear, show up, and conjure. Bringing what the heart wants to the surface. What cultivates in the heart? our cards talk about no longer procrastinating, time is of the essence. Call in your inspiration, what lights you up? What are you here to channel into the Universe? How are you a conduit? and to what?
Freedom is ultimately in the expression of your soul. There is a soul request to stop comparing yourself with others. A request to not tell yourself how you can’t or won’t do something because there is too much competition. Just be the channel you are. Be the artist, the photographer, the knitter, the card reader, the healer, the practitioner that you are. There is more than enough room for you. there is more than enough need for you. Make a plan, set some goals, keep your eyes on the horizon. Every vision and knowingness you have dissolves hopelessness in your environment and opens the galactic heart of creation. 🤍

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