MicroOrbit Cards Day 42!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

🤍 MicroOrbiting Cards for Day 42! 🤍
This is crazy. We got 2 Stargate cards from the Sacred Geometry Deck, Stars from Lenormand, the Star Seer from the Beyond Lemuria deck, Starseed from the Starseed deck, and the Starborn from the Wild Unknown Archetypes… There’s a definite theme today!
The Autumn card is here on the first day of September, release the old and rest. Moonology talks about a new romantic cycle, we have the Ace of cups backing that up.
Larimar is here which is a Lemurian frequency. One of the Stargate cards is Invitation, bringing our attention to the astral grids and asking your guides to help you connect with them. Helping you connect with your function as a Lightworker.
We got the Starborn and Soulchild cards bringing our attention to the cosmic spark of life within each of us, our connection with the stars that map our life in the world, and allowing a rebirth into your life at this time. A reset. an enlightenment. Expect a more aligned outcome than you thought possible.
Pay attention, trust, and write down your dreams. They are guides to your path, your inner wisdom, and messages from your guides. You are in the process of trusting yourself in a new way. Pay attention to what you need, what you desire, and what makes you feel content and safe. What brings you joy. Follow that Light! The Spark of you! You’ll recognize it when it lights you up.
Wish fulfillment is here. what is your dream? You are already doing your purpose by being in a body and vibrating at your unique frequency. What the personality-self is really asking is, “What will make be feel aligned and connected with the Divine?” Gravitate toward the things you love. Do whatever it takes to feel joy. Your guides are very present today assisting your connection to your spark, your Star, and healing Light energy. 🤍

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