MicrocOrbit Cards Day 45!

50 Days Of Microcosmic Orbit

Today our cards are asking us to look at what is reflected back to us from our surroundings, relationships, and environment. They’re about Divine thought, Divine synchronicities, and the awakening of the Divine heart.
New Blueprints from the Beyond Lemuria deck says: it is healthy to have an interest in what is happening around us, but it is important not to become so disheartened that we can’t find the inner light to ignite the spiral of movement. Shift your focus to what is possible rather than what isn’t. Your choices and your presence are making a difference!
Our cards are about limitless understanding. Transcend what you understand with your mind. Examine limiting ideas, listen more, balance the left hemisphere’s logical and analytical thinking with inner guidance and deeper wisdom. Work through your fears. Identify them and ask what they need or want. Acknowledge them so they can dislodge and release. It is an auspicious time to recognize yourself in the grand spectrum of life and how you need to care for yourself. Acknowledge what is sacred to you. Your connection with the Divine affects everything and everyone around you. It contributes the frequency evolution of the planet. 🤍

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