MicroOrbit Cards Day 46!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

🤍 Our MicroOrbiting Cards for Day 46! 🤍
Even though the actual New Moon is in Virgo tomorrow, we’re in New Moon energy in Leo today at 2.7% illumination. Our Cards are fiery today too! The first thing I notice about Today’s cards are 3 Water Cards and 6 Fire cards indicating conscious self-exploration.
Aletheia supports us in our process of self-actualization and growth. We resonate in our Truth when we are doing what we are meant to do, when we follow our nature, or True spirit, our Dharma. When we speak, own, and act out our Truth, it in turn gives others permission to do the same. Heal yourself and watch everything around you match that healing and move to raise frequency.
It occurs to me that the worst things one can do to another is say things that would make someone doubt themselves and the other is misrepresent someone to others so that they are not supported. These are also the worst things you can do to yourself. Our cards today are about being courageous, standing in your Truth, acknowledging your path, making a choice and taking action into passionate beginnings and endeavors. I love it.
Engaging in the True path to healing is to be the energy that you are, know this energy to be Divine, and hold space for your most benevolent efforts and outcomes. And watch the Universe respond.🤍

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