MicroOrbit Cards Day 5!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

Rewriting your story, positive self-speak, balancing intentionally, the 10 of Fire and the mirror card came up asking us to look at what burdens us and acknowledge the triggers beneath the reaction.. You are never alone. Go deep and reclaim your energy. You are being connected with and spoken to through synchronicities.. No coincidences! Only synchronicities! Feel immensely  and do not be afraid. There’s a call for deep honesty, reflection, and meditation. Where you place your energy is your choice. This is your power. Claim it! self awareness brings your power back to you. 🤍

MicroOrbit Cards Day 4!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

A lot of the cards today are about trusting the Universe. Synchronicities, chance meetings came up, re-evaluation of what is being manifested based on logic vs. soul endeavors… The in-between is there for a reason! Nothing is set in stone, follow your emotional responses. Value what your body tells you. Wise discernment and creation co-mingle today. something is in need of adjustment.

MicroOrbit Cards Day 3!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit!

Mother Earth and being Home. 3 cards of manifestation talking about gratitude, co-creating, and taking ownership of how you show up in the world. 3 cards about clearing your space and doing what it takes to deliberately change your frequency. Messages: it’s not important to win. it’s important to have integrity. To increase your creator energy, ward off jadedness at all costs, recommit to childlike curiosity, and nix the rules. Wherever you are, you are home.

MicroOrbit Cards Day 2!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

🤍 Microcosmic Orbit Cards for Day 2! 🤍

The High Priestess: getting into the zone, intuition. Being connected to what is going on around you and how you have a role in it. Tuning in. Tuning into the rhythms and flow around energy. you. Tuning into your own flow. You always have access to higher wisdom. We’re made this way.

We have 2 solitude cards. We have 2 tuning into your unique energy cards: tuning into the portal of your heart. We’re reminded that or guides are always with us and around us. We’ve got the Tear and pentagon R. 2 Cards of letting go and grieving the past. releasing and letting guards down in order to ascend.

We’re reminded to be present today, acknowledge self and others.

Get Orbital—50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit!

🤍🌀🤍Hello Beautiful Reiki Goddesses!🤍🌀🤍
50 Days of MicroCosmic Orbit starts Friday!
May be an image of tree, nature, sky and text
We’ll be looking at our cards each day and getting messages that I’ll post on the Goddess Reiki Share FB Page and here! Below are the Zoom Deets! I’m super ready to get back into the swing of this meditation for 50 days. I loved it last year.
(I finished the #75Hard just before my birthday in June that we were talking about, and it was amazing for creating healthy promises that are easy to stick to..)
I’m looking forward to the MicroOrbit connection becoming part of my day again. And I’m looking forward to holding and being in sacred space with all of you!
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