Padmes Card of the Day—2 of Wands

padmes daily tarot 2 of wandsPadmes Daily Tarot—2 of Wands

Partnering up and maintaining a mutual back-and-forth communication will bring more abundance and creative vision than you could render alone today. The brainstorming power of two is the super power of the day to actualize dreams. Mutually beneficial negotiations could be a life-changer for long-term plans. You have what it takes to be an equal co-conspirator and you can trust your other.

Padmes Card of the Day—The Fool reversed

The Fool Reversed Padmes Tarot Card of the DayPadmesDailyTarot—The Fool reversed

This is not your first rodeo. No deer in the headlights for you. Today use the wisdom you’ve acquired from experience instead of jumping in the pool headfirst. Think about what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, put some intricate ideas together, and move on solid ground. You could be dealing with a risky venture and it’s best to come from a place of awareness rather than blind faith today.