Padmes Daily Tarot—3 of Pentacles reversed

3 of pentacles reversed Padmes Card of the Day3 of Pentacles reversed Padmes Card of the Day

Identify your Truth Potential—are you tapping into it on a daily basis with your work & your every-day routines? It’s important to take a good look at anything holding you back—this has turned into a pattern that is not serving you. You may be involved in projects or long-term agendas that are justifiably not bringing you the inspiration & praise that you need to feel whole. That’s the Universe telling you to move on, boo boo. <3

Pisces Tarotscope December 2014

Pisces Tarotscope December 2014Page of Cups—Pisces Tarotscope December 2014

Creative abandon and unexpected opportunities and gifts abound. Some strategic planning for work ends up looking like a lot of fun and celebration with you being the center of attention and the life of the party. Being open to the unexpected and welcoming it with wide arms will bring you great success in your endeavors in the coming months. Birth and rebirth are dangling in the air for you to grab and run with.

New relationships, whether romantic or business partnering, can jolt electricity, amazing creative collaboration, and spark a spontaneity that keeps you creating. (Creativity creates creativity!) This new friend brings re-energized thinking to projects you placed on the shelf a long time ago. It’s time to take that vigor and use it for propelling yourself into your next big adventure in the New Year!

Talk about releasing patterns that no longer serve you—you have a light that just flickered on after all this time that is making your path clear to you. This new direction becomes you. The more you respond to it, the brighter it gets.

Pisces Tarotscope December 2014Page of Cups with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

Be careful to place your needs at the top of the priority list… This means that you have to take care of you before you take care of others (or entertain them!). There is that little something in the air with all your sparkly creativity that has someone either jealous, or wanting that energy that shines more than they perceive theirs to shine. Don’t give your milk away for free and don’t give in to someone who is taking you for granted.

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Leo Tarotscope December 2014

Leo Tarotscope December 2014Knight of Cups—Leo Tarotscope December 2014

Don’t be surprised if you’re offered the moon this month in business, Leo. Just be careful about the opportunities you decide to jump into with both feet. Look into logistics and probabilities before committing to this offer as it is. There may be some fine-tuning that only a Leo could negotiate for and get all the sparklies. You can find great satisfaction in the situation at hand as long as you’re watching for the big picture details.

And if you’re looking for a romance, hold the phone! relationships can heat up and get rather fiery… Waves of emotion bring you to that place you’ve been waiting for and wanting. What you’ve struggled with in past relationships seem to subside with new possibilities. Feeling positive and sure about moving forward in relationships is a go… but check the card of the month with your tarotscope card below for more on that…

Your inner world and your feelings about what you do and how you seek it are extremely important this month. Following your dreams and what excites you about life are key. No need to waste time on projects, endeavors, and obligations that make you fall flat, fall asleep, or fall off your wagon. Emotional gratification is what it’s about for you this month on all levels.

Leo Tarotscope December 2014Knight of Cups with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

These cards together indicate that you may be getting into something, consciously or unconsciously, by stepping on someone else’s toes. Be sure to check yourself if the one your heart melts for happens to be the sister of your best friend, partners’s wife, or a previous love’s bestie. There are some strings or hoops to jump through here. You can work it out of you don’t jump the gun and piss everyone off before you get the chance. This could also relate to a situation rather than a love… Be aware of your actions, words, and responses.

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Padmes Daily Tarot—9 of Pentacles

padmes card of te day 9 of pentacles9 of Pentacles—Padmes Card of the Day

A wave of relief after struggle is close; keeping with your objective is important. Don’t give up, you’re almost there. Ground deeply into the earth & resonate at a vibration with trees. Then go get a pedicure—it’s important to pay attention to manners, maintain relationships & attend functions all while lookin’ good. Strength comes through solar plexus today hinting that you can pull on this energy at any time. Calm certainty. #tarot<3

Padmes Daily Tarot—Queen of Wands

Padmes Card of the Day Queen of WandsPadmesDailyTarot—Queen of Wands

Don’t be afraid to step into your power today, whether that looks like fully claiming your space or self-proclaiming your status. You are more accepted when you act out your truth instead of hiding it in fear of your own strength. There’s no room for second-guessing or self-doubt, and no need. Engage with others to facilitate the creation of those bridges from yesterday and keep with the momentum of your desires. #Tarot #Queenofwands <3