Pisces Tarotscope December 2014

Pisces Tarotscope December 2014Page of Cups—Pisces Tarotscope December 2014

Creative abandon and unexpected opportunities and gifts abound. Some strategic planning for work ends up looking like a lot of fun and celebration with you being the center of attention and the life of the party. Being open to the unexpected and welcoming it with wide arms will bring you great success in your endeavors in the coming months. Birth and rebirth are dangling in the air for you to grab and run with.

New relationships, whether romantic or business partnering, can jolt electricity, amazing creative collaboration, and spark a spontaneity that keeps you creating. (Creativity creates creativity!) This new friend brings re-energized thinking to projects you placed on the shelf a long time ago. It’s time to take that vigor and use it for propelling yourself into your next big adventure in the New Year!

Talk about releasing patterns that no longer serve you—you have a light that just flickered on after all this time that is making your path clear to you. This new direction becomes you. The more you respond to it, the brighter it gets.

Pisces Tarotscope December 2014Page of Cups with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

Be careful to place your needs at the top of the priority list… This means that you have to take care of you before you take care of others (or entertain them!). There is that little something in the air with all your sparkly creativity that has someone either jealous, or wanting that energy that shines more than they perceive theirs to shine. Don’t give your milk away for free and don’t give in to someone who is taking you for granted.

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More on the 4 of Cups

So many decisions, so little time…. Actually this card gives the impression that there is time to waste, but there’s not! When this card appears in a spread, the seeker is being given an opportunity that she may not recognize as opportunity. This is a bummer, because the longer she holds off, the less available it is to her.

When this card presents itself I feel a fog in the seeker’s dynamics. The seeker is involved so deeply in a certain way of living that it’s almost impossible for them to see what’s past the fog. It is possible, but they need something to jar them out of the forest. Something that snaps them out of their fog. It is also a card of not understanding what is important about their life and not feeling inspired. There is a need for a true sense of Spirit here and finding that is imperative.

The seeker has found her way through the fog and is ready to jump in the pool, so to speak! She takes the opportunity by storm and accepts new relationships and engagements. What once did not seem important, now shows itself as valuable to the seeker. Reversed, the seeker very well may have found a muse or what inspires her, and the fog clears.

7 of Cups

The Seven of cups represents acquiring what you need, but not necessarily what you wish for. It can be wishful thinking without means/oomph to manifest goals.

Being pulled in many different directions/being all over the place emotionally attached to so many things that it’s hard to stick with one solid goal at a time. When the spread is about love, this card can represent overlooking reality—building up a relationship as you want to see it, not how it really is. If you have the Knight of Cups paired with the 7 of cups, watch out for a suitor who loves the ladies and is not ready to commit!

If the spread indicates work related issues, this card shows that there is a tendency to have too many chiefs working on one project or that there are too many projects going on for one person to handle.

This card can indicate “too much” of a “good” thing. That good thing might be swell in moderation, but if overindulged, could bring a mountain of havoc. When the Moon card appears with the seven of cups, look for this.

the 7 of Cups can also show that many different relationships are at play in a situation involving the seeker.

Paired with the 7 of Swords, it can mean lies around the seeker.

Honing skills for visualization when this card appears can bring the seeker to set realistic goals instead of maintaining the feeling of running aimlessly on the wheel.

Seven of Cups reversed is all about focus. Goals are available for success because the seeker has overcome issues revolving around non-commitment. She is able to achieve success by means of manifesting, working in a focused manner, and seeing the situation for what it is. This will help her attract what she needs and plan for what it takes to achieve her goal.