Padmes Card of the Day—Strength

strength card Padmes Card of the DayStrength—Padmes Daily Tarot

Mind over matter today requires self-control & patience. Heart space is activated when feelings of being in over your head or overwhelm creep in. First make sure you’re processing your own feelings & not your BFF’s. Then acknowledge triggers that are bringing raw emotions to the surface. Your inner strength is at an all-time high today. It’s not about internalizing so much as it is observing your long-term resilience—self-acceptance. #tarot <3

How is the Strength card speaking to you today? Do you feel like jumping out of your skin or are you in acceptance mode?

Padmes Card of the Day—Strength Card

padmes card of the day strengthPadmes Card of the Day—Strength Card

Thank you, Universe! For presenting challenges for me as placeholders for what I am blocking from my spiritual view! Strength reminds us to be compassionate to others because you may not know where their reactions of protection are coming from. Today calls for going inward, centering, and getting in touch with true self to pull from your resources of inner fortitude. You can do it.

Padmes Card of the Day—Strength

padmes card of the day strengthPadmes Card of the Day—Strength

Your gentle assertiveness will get you places today. Not a day to be passive, but persistent with your intention. Meet every situation with compassion and honey on your tongue. Be aware of the back and forth, give and take of any relationship. A day to recognize the importance of tolerance and compassion for another’s plight, even if your desires conflict. Stay steady and true to you.