Padmes Card of the Day—9 of Pentacles reversed

padmes card of the day 9 of pentacles reversedPadmes Card of the Day—9 of Pentacles reversed

Fear not! Of past mistakes or times when you didn’t bring into fruition perfectly what you desired. Today is a new day, and you can bring what you want to you in a different way. You can trust yourself when you can see things differently through the growth & understanding that has come to pass. Don’t believe everything you hear (about yourself or someone else) when it comes to others’ opinions.


Padmes Card of the Day—Strength

padmes card of the day strengthPadmes Card of the Day—Strength

Your gentle assertiveness will get you places today. Not a day to be passive, but persistent with your intention. Meet every situation with compassion and honey on your tongue. Be aware of the back and forth, give and take of any relationship. A day to recognize the importance of tolerance and compassion for another’s plight, even if your desires conflict. Stay steady and true to you.