Padmes Daily Tarot—The Star reversed

Padmes Card of the Day The Star reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—The Star reversed

A day to truly see what your responsibilities are vs. what labels were placed on you by others. Perhaps you accepted them as your own, but now is the time to send them back. The veil is thinnest tonight on All Hallows’ Eve! Dig deep & decide what you’re keeping. Someone may be projecting onto you as though you are the problem. Cut that cord & stand in your Truth instead of giving in to their shaming. It’s really not yours. #Tarot <3

Padmes Card of the Day—The Star reversed

padmes card of the day the star reversedPadmesCard of the Day—The Star reversed

Expectations are the first thing that can knock you off balance. Your expectations not being met or someone else’s expectations of mutual agreements being different than what you believed. Be prepared to reenergize after a possible bummed feeling that has you go cavey. Step through it and shine in spite of it. Shutting down is a response, it isn’t the answer.