Padmes Card of the Day—4 of Swords reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot 4 of swords reversed4 of Swords reversed—Padmes Daily Tarot

The time to relax is not today. Go shopping, plan, & persuade others to help! If a lull in the schedule or out-of-it feelings had you procrastinate or delay the inevitable, or you’ve just been incubating in your process, today’s the day to pick it up. Expect a full recovery from the blues or feelings that keep you in bed. There’s no time like the present to tell someone how you feel about their hurtful or devious behavior. #tarot <3

Padmes Card of the Day—The Fool reversed

Padmes Card of the Day The Fool reversedPadmes Daily Tarot -The Fool reversed.

Taking others’ ideas and advice more to heart than your own out of boredom or to change things up is just not advised today. That said, it’s a day to act on what you know, yet not take anything for granted. Just because you run down the same road everyday doesn’t mean you can’t still trip over something that wasn’t there yesterday; same vein: even if you can do this with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back, don’t. #tarot #tarotreadings #metaphysical #thefool #newage #tarotoftheday <3

Padmes Card of the Day—9 of Swords

padmes card of the day 9 of swordsPadmesDailyTarot—9 of Swords

Negative self-talk and despair about the future staking permanent claim in your energy field is a choice. Living in the future and dreading something for years that may never come into play can create immense unnecessary anxiety. Observe today what fills your mind space and decide if you want it to stay there or take a hike. Our whole lives can be filled with fear of the future if we don’t pay attention to our present moments. #tarot <3

Padmes Card of the Day—4 of Swords reversed

padmes card of the day 4 of swords reversedPadmesDailyTarot—4 of Swords reversed

Jump in with both feet & take action! Do not delay, postpone, or procrastinate. Gitter’done. Whatever has been on your plate that seems to never go away because you never seem to get to it… Today is the day! There is logic to this endeavor. When you’ve finished that means the next part of your evolution can resume. What are you being unconscious to? What have you really been keeping from your awareness? #tarot #metaphysical <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—The Star reversed

Padmes Card of the Day The Star reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—The Star reversed

A day to truly see what your responsibilities are vs. what labels were placed on you by others. Perhaps you accepted them as your own, but now is the time to send them back. The veil is thinnest tonight on All Hallows’ Eve! Dig deep & decide what you’re keeping. Someone may be projecting onto you as though you are the problem. Cut that cord & stand in your Truth instead of giving in to their shaming. It’s really not yours. #Tarot <3