Padmes Card of the Day—9 of Swords

padmes card of the day 9 of swordsPadmesDailyTarot—9 of Swords

Negative self-talk and despair about the future staking permanent claim in your energy field is a choice. Living in the future and dreading something for years that may never come into play can create immense unnecessary anxiety. Observe today what fills your mind space and decide if you want it to stay there or take a hike. Our whole lives can be filled with fear of the future if we don’t pay attention to our present moments. #tarot <3

Virgo Tarotscope for October 2014—9 of Swords

Virgo Tarotscope October 2014Virgo Tarotscope October 2014—9 of Swords

If there were ever a time to get some energy work, it seems that this Mercury Retrograde would be it. It’s time to take a really close look at the lessons and patterns that you’ve been avoiding and pushing away any time it pops up to be dealt with … aka any time it pops up to be healed and released. It’s time to get some healing energy in there and release old trauma, grief, regret, and self loathing. This is a gooey one, and it’s time to get clear of it.

If there’s something that has not come into fruition for you, something that has really been disappointing, or flat out awful, the 9 of swords indicates sleeplessness, upset, and self-disregard as a result of regret and grief. At this time, the best recourse is time. Letting the ugly cry out, making space in your schedule to do some healing, whatever that looks like for you, and really allowing these emotions to surface so that they can release. It can look like getting out of town and having alone time to deal with some issues that have long been due to confront.

Padmes Tarotscopes October 2014This is not a time to be thinking of others, or be compassionate to others feelings; it’s a time to look at yourself, how you’re doing and what you can do to find relief to these ongoing challenges of regret and upset. The mind right now seems as if it is in a fog and cannot for the life of it make clear decisions. Don’t be mysterious if you go off and take time for yourself. Do let others know where you’re going and why. But take the time you need to figure these things out. This can be a huge turning point in your own growth and evolution.

9 of Swords

When I see this card in a spread, I know something has happened to cause the seeker worry to the point of despair. Classically, this card represents pressing angst that keeps you up at night. It can indicate dreams caused by stress.

Swords are all about thinking, pondering, and analyzing. This card can indicate an immense amount of time being taken analyzing problems and worrying about impending doom bringing the seeker to a very depressed state. It is also likely that these problems and worry about them has been going on for a good amount of time. The seeker may feel powerless to improve this situation.

The surrounding cards always tell the story. When the seeker is surrounded by Cups, this card indicates worry over love, relationships, and emotional ties—Wands can indicate problems at work or creative block, and Pentacles, money. Paired with a reversed Star card, this could be serious long-lasting depression that requires the help of a professional.

Always a relief, the 9 of Swords reversed means that troubled waters have passed. There has been a recovery and the seeker can move forward confidently. It’s a sigh of relief a long time coming.