Thank You for Your Reiki Requests—An Amazing and Healing Start to the New Year

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for all of your Reiki Requests! Starting January 1st, 2011, the requests started coming in. I was called to do free Reiki Requests (like prayer requests, but with Reiki) this New Year for those who suffer with illness, loss, or depression. I am honored to fill those requests.

I feel so much love and gratitude for those who have reached out for Reiki Universal Life Force healing and have requested healing for others they know as well.

Please feel free to leave reviews and comments about your experiences. Also feel free to let others know about Reiki Requests. Every day I look forward to distance Reiki for those who have contacted me.

Wishing you great healing,

One Love Padmes

9 of Swords

When I see this card in a spread, I know something has happened to cause the seeker worry to the point of despair. Classically, this card represents pressing angst that keeps you up at night. It can indicate dreams caused by stress.

Swords are all about thinking, pondering, and analyzing. This card can indicate an immense amount of time being taken analyzing problems and worrying about impending doom bringing the seeker to a very depressed state. It is also likely that these problems and worry about them has been going on for a good amount of time. The seeker may feel powerless to improve this situation.

The surrounding cards always tell the story. When the seeker is surrounded by Cups, this card indicates worry over love, relationships, and emotional ties—Wands can indicate problems at work or creative block, and Pentacles, money. Paired with a reversed Star card, this could be serious long-lasting depression that requires the help of a professional.

Always a relief, the 9 of Swords reversed means that troubled waters have passed. There has been a recovery and the seeker can move forward confidently. It’s a sigh of relief a long time coming.