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My name is Meg, and I facilitate clairvoyant readings and energy healings. I offer Spiritual readings to  help you live in affinity with your Soul’s purpose in a healing and Reiki infused space.

I bring to the surface and help you release energy that no longer serves your life and Spiritual growth patterns—helping you remember your Soul’s truth igniting and aligning your personal power with your Divine purpose.

Blockages that slow the flow of life-force energy can affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Symptoms show up in our lives as relationship issues, at work, or even in moods and body ailments.

When you feel an imbalance in your life or your heart has driving questions, it’s your higher self that is moving you to find your path to Divine peace.

Padmes Reiki Readings & Soul Path Healing consist of a combination of healing modalities including Reiki, Theta Healing, the healing frequencies of Crystals, Crystal Reiki Grids, Tarot, and Intuitive and Clairvoyant empathic energy work. Get answers to questions that have been heavy on your mind, empower yourself by finding the truth, next steps in your life, and genuine contentment.

My specialty

My Specialty is working with the emotional body while I clairvoyantly see and hear the answers to questions you have. I use Tarot, Reiki, and I empathically feel into situations to get more information on motivations and solutions. During sessions I help you to release and move energy that no longer serves you so that more space is left to fill with energy that will get you on track and in your flow with the Universe.

Goddess Reiki Shares

Each month I facilitate a Goddess Reiki Share and Pura Vida Reiki Circle. These shares are for practitioners as well as those who wish to experience Reiki energy and learn more about the practice. We get together to heal ourselves, each other, our animals, and the planet. We use a crystal Reiki grid for Distance Reiki and then heal each other on massage tables, or yoga mats for anyone who chooses to be grounded on the floor for their session. You can RSVP to join in this group healing at GoddessReikiShare.com.

Meet Me for a Session at My Boulder Office

Or call me to schedule a phone session: 623.229.9505

Reiki Readings with Tarot: This is a Spiritual reading with Tarot and Crystal Grid Reiki. Using Tarot cards and empathic knowing, your story is revealed in real time while Reiki and clairvoyant healing clear energy blocks that no longer serve you or help you on your true path. Reiki healing and the guidance of Tarot can empower you by helping you find balance and contentment in your present situations and experiences.

Reiki Readings: Usui Reiki sessions are given while you relax on a massage table. During these sessions intuitive messages, guidance from your angels and guides, clairvoyant energy healing, and aura clearing flow together. I will gently work with you to uncover your true Soul Path and clear energetic blocks keeping you from your Divine blueprint so that you can heal and reconnect with your true self and Spirit.

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