Padmes Card of the Day—3 of Pentacles

padmes card of the day 3 of pentaclesPadmes Card of the Day—3 of Pentacles

Movin and shakin, you can win friends and influence people today with your amazing ideas and passion behind them. Making plans in business and in living situations may arise today, all for your greatest good. If you over eat or over imbibe this afternoon, you’ll be a hurtin puppy. No time for rest and recuperation before you’re expected to pony up.

Padmes Card of the Day—Death Card

padmes card of the day the death cardPadmes Cardof the Day—Death Card

There is a window for life-changing events today to transform fates if you can change the way you think about something that has plagued you, hurt you, or betrayed you in any way. You can truly let fear go today that has taken a lot of your heart space and thought space. Look forward to a new focus and an open heart. Call in your angels if you need help releasing or degreasing.

Padmes Card of the Day—5 of Wands

padmes card of the day 5 of wandsPadmes Card of the Day—5 of Wands

Put a little Spirit in your good fortune. A desire to get your way today may surface, and the first impulse may be to fight for it. Slow it down, Homie. You can be on the winning team if you practice a little attitude adjustment. Oh, the attitude of gratitude! If you woke up a little agitated today, it has to do with how honestly you’re perceiving a situation and how authentically you’re responding to your truth. Make the needed adjustments. Peace is found in integrity.

Padmes Card of the Day—4 of Swords

Padmes Card of the Day 4 of SwordsPadmes Card of the Day—4 of Swords

Drop into that heart center today and be prepared to manifest some goodies. If you feel disconnected from someone today, it’s not all in your head, but it’s also not you. So give some space and you’ll win in the end. This is also my “Spa” card… You know what that means! It’s time for a massage and a mani/pedi. Book it. Relax. Give your churning thoughts a little vacay.

Padmes Card of the Day—9 of Swords reversed

padmes card of the day 9 of swords reversedPadmes Card of the Day—9 of Swords reversed

Just when it seemed something was coming to a close, it’s not over yet! A change in heart occurs or a lesson still lingers. What can be looked at differently that you’ve been resistant to process? What can you take the charge out of in order to be on your greatest-good way? Situations are not as bad as they once seemed. Today you can acknowledge them for what they truly are.