Padmes Daily Tarot‚ÄĒDeath

Death card Padmes Card of the DayDeath‚ÄĒPadmes Card of the Day

Some dramas have come full circle. Lots of letting go of past ties, moving forward away from old patterns that no longer serve you, & releasing people who still hold those negative patterns you grew out of. It is a rebirth of sorts. The New Year is bringing a ton of that, so stay aware of your Truth Self & step into your new world gracefully. Realization comes through as wisdom when you see you’ve transcended your past experiences. #tarot

Padmes Card of the Day‚ÄĒDeath reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot Death reversed‚ÄéPadmes Daily Tarot‚ÄĒDeath reversed

Not the time to tap out‚ÄĒit’s not over yet. You’re smack in the current of dynamic transition. Issues well on their way to a healing hub surface for what may seem a setback, actually they show you how far you’ve come. Today remembering that sometimes confusion is your intuition’s way of saying NO will help you in your full-circle progression. The journey is in the layout-the outcome cannot happen without it, Cher. ‚Ä™#‚Äétarot ‚Ä™#‚Äétarotreadings <3

Padmes Card of the Day‚ÄĒDeath Card

padmes card of the day the death cardPadmes Cardof the Day‚ÄĒDeath Card

There is a window for life-changing events today to transform fates if you can change the way you think about something that has plagued you, hurt you, or betrayed you in any way. You can truly let fear go today that has taken a lot of your heart space and thought space. Look forward to a new focus and an open heart. Call in your angels if you need help releasing or degreasing.